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Sacred tear - sweet white wine
Half juice of “ bishop”

Ten years ago, on holidays, male people drinks alcohol, the “ beverage ” of female people foil is the “ claret ” that Chinese mainland produces, be sweet taste, a few money a bottle big. Say it is claret tries to do a difficult job as best one can a bit really, abroad does not have “ at all ” of half juice bishop. Bishop is to use the grape juice nature of 100% to ferment certainly brew and become.

Add ” of half juice bishop is in the alleged “ of water, candy and alcohol in numerous will of people already bake in a pan has deep impress, cannot because sweet, it is bishop, be called sweet bishop. It is already serious bespatter on real significance rummy enjoy what bring a person adorably, more many people think “ has sweet bishop ” is cheap wine, bishop should be “ is dry and not sweet of ” . Contrary, sweet model bishop often is belonged to in abroad in high-grade bishop. The truth is very simple, because production is sweet model wine is better with respect to requirement grapy maturity, the candy cent content of grape juice is some higher, so production rises to also compare difficulty accordingly, output is less.

Rummy sort

Sweet model bishop majority is moment of tie-in after eat desert is drunk, also be called ” of “ desert wine occasionally consequently, include natural barmy sweet model bishop, also include to strengthen model baud wine (wine of Port) , Xue Li (Sherry) , Ma Dela wine (Madeira) . This among them in order to have the lachrymal ” of “ god celebrated sweet white wine style is most diversiform.

The fight grape of yeast and alcohol is after natural maturity, among them if candy cent ferments completely, wine precision won't exceed 15 degrees normally, and candy cent fermented completely, the bishop of make it is the “ dry ” that we tell normally bishop. Ferment candy not completely so alcohol, withhold cent of one part candy, what production comes out is sweet liquor; and if dextrose component is very high, ferment completely impossibly also clean through fermenting naturally, because yeast is when more than 15 degrees alcohol chroma,can be killed by alcohol. Accordingly, the grape can achieve so tall pol naturally rarely, discover gradually in the people in very long brewing process then, nature has better method so.

Glacial wine

Among them one of it is at present the common “ on the market puts wine ”(Icewine) on the ice, pass after the grape is natural and freezing, will among them moisture with crystal condition eliminate, achieve the goal that condenses fruit juice. The coke that becomes ice cube as freezing in plugs a sucker in bottle, suck forcibly next, what is the result? You are epispastic concentrated syrup, and remained broken without olfactory ice. Production puts wine on the ice must healthy grape, once the grape is damaged, decay with respect to meeting burst in freezing process. Say to put the greatest charm of wine on the ice to depend on so, it presented the pure local color with grape the richest oneself. I believe best glacial wine comes from Germany to not abandon Er all the time (Mosel) He Laiyin is tall (of brew of Rheingau) district You Lei commander.
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