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Of man of red wine · Confucianism elegant grade

When remembering red wine just entering China, the advertisement of complementary baldachin ground, without one exception the man hand that is a success holds goblet in both hands, a beautiful feminine photograph accompanies the left and right sides, feel at that time, this red wine is wealthy person play meaning.

But gain ground as red wine, became popular drink, domestic banquet state banquet, have his figure, old father likes very much two are drunk when family is much, intentional perhaps affection, do on one cup with young brother's daughter, I am on the side for company.

Common reception, I prefer red wine, red wine does not have beer so extensive, the market is big archives is fed in of all kinds, the form of beer MM is good view; What red wine does not have liquor is forthright, 35 brothers, be eager for doing sth, love is deep a stew, full of sap.

Red wine is inherent is the sort of Confucianism elegant, the sort of gentle, the sort of dark, still have the sort of using the Gan Xiang that years brews.

Such man, should experience is very extensive, good education, rich experience, between the way one speaks or what he says, a kind of book is sweet, asing if is the sort of grape from the boundless and oozy autumn in red wine, one kind matures, a kind of bumper harvest.

Such man, should experience a lot of. Years engraves cross on the face, between Tan Xiao, of one face doughty, be like that red wine brew, after many ferment, after many sublimate, what form that every little bit finally is delicious oar fining jade.

Such man, should bosom is broad, had crossed a lot of channel channel bank, had waded to make much great storms, in the world, should do not have the job that the look does not leave, without inextinguishable fire, shake in the cup like that red wine excessive, light accumulate embodied essence of heaven and earth.

Common saying says, manhood has a tear not flick, such man, perhaps oneself brush the tear, nobody looks so that see; Perhaps, suffering is him pharynx, nobody can be experienced; Perhaps, painful oneself are endured, nobody can partake; Perhaps, the heart is tired, nobody can be comforted, always be a person, bear silently, write the smile on the face, wrap around the success to go up in the body, no less than that cup of red wine, the entrance is small hot, but article long, answer with respect to what can have in a steady stream sweet, go slowly drunk.

Regrettablly, the person that can taste wine is not much, somebody is cared about pack, want elegant and luxurious, take there is outer part on the hand; Somebody cares about provenance, should import high-grade in order to show grade; Return somebody to care about the price, price is shown higher more exalted.

Of course, can taste an one cup good wine, also quality goods gives a man, red wine man, insipid in permeating extraordinary, considering hoping below the surface of make public.

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