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Bishop is a luxuriant appearance
Everybody has a luxuriant appearance.
Somebody is beautiful face, somebody is expensive dress, somebody is canorous reputation, somebody is high position, somebody is limousine car, colorful villa, somebody is family close affection, somebody is fortune ……Actually, bishop also is a luxuriant appearance.

Basilade is such descriptions: “ what is bishop? Bishop is a kind of body that has life, it has the mind of most rich, balance, fly and ad cool-headed, connective heaven and earth, compare with phase of all other plant, bishop is united in wedlock together with the intelligence of animals of the earth better, and the heft that makes bishop has just right. By nature, grape from little sulfur was obtained over there moon, sun, star, and make oneself can become independent to ignite and continue the fire of all life. ” because this, true bishop is condensing the elite of heaven and earth.

Take tall foot cup, light sip a bishop, flow to the whole body fully as the get rid of of faint scent and cup, exalted and elegant feeling arises spontaneously. All the time since, bishop is the identity is indicative, early be symbolized by what western country apply colours to a drawing is a noble, this is culture, the culture of a kind of wine, concern with the market, also concern with national condition.

Be in China, to our unfamiliar thing, if berth will taste, we can produce the psychology of prostrate naturally below beyond the mark apply colours to a drawing. As a result of historical reason, bishop can wrap around only aristocratic appearance enters Chinese society adagio. This is meddlesome, also be evildoing, all things all have no less than two sides of positive and negative. After the wine that has him brew from China, bishop is the foreigner's thing no longer, compatriots is OK also the bishop that savor price can accept relatively. Bishop is aristocratic patent no longer from now on.
After joining WTO from China, more bishop enter world each district China, compatriots is OK more of bring into contact with has quality, price substantial bishop, bishop becomes the high spending that can pay. However with what manner we should serve wine? Continue to use the psychological consecrate of prostrate; Be still bolt ground mingle with men of knowledge and pose as a lover of culture? These are not optimal methods. Drink bishop to resemble patting procrastinate, treat with the most straight-out manner, those who as if to be able to taste savor love is really same, that is can the nectar that unreal turns wonderful movement.

Drink bishop to have a few move: Choose first, hind sample, arrive next appreciation. Bishop is exotic from beginning to end, having the culture that belongs to western country, a lot of people choose vinous method to rely on advertisement namely now, see a brand, this kind of method is right, but it is one of methods only, however, the mainest avenue is shared more namely, listen attentively to more, haunt wine brand shop watchs study, do not know only see appearance, value, want to look to whether suit oneself, form the method that oneself sample one set gradually.
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