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The Austrian is elected as chairman of board of institute of British bishop Grea
Great Master of Austrian book bishop (MW) Dr. Josef (Pepi) Schuller (the picture is different) was elected recently new institute of Great Master of an England bishop (IMW) board chairman, lieutenancy two years, this is institute of bishop Great Master in its on 55 years of histories first election blame Englishman holds the position of this post.

Dr. Josef (Pepi) Schuller is the dean of Austrian bishop academy, this institute basically is the country such as Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland to provide bishop education.

Great Master of British book bishop, independent bishop seeks advice from advisory Lynne Sherriff to be elected for vice-chairman of council of institute of bishop Great Master, other two board members are Dermot Nolan of Great Master of the bishop educationist that comes from Ireland, bishop and the bishop that come from England and food writer respectively (free profession person) , Sarah Jane of bishop Great Master.

Institute of British bishop Great Master held water 1953, share 278 bishop Great Masters at present, distributing at the whole world 23 countries.

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