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Reunion bishop and moon cake are excellent and tie-in mid-autumn
When does the bright moon have? Ask blue sky wine. Do not know ethereal imperial palace, today evening is why year. My desire returns by wind, fear Lou Yuyu fining jade again, altitude deeply cold. Have brandish clear picture, he Shi is in the world!

Although the day began to become in September autumn wind is bleak weather is cool, but what come then festival makes the mood lively however mid-autumn rise: Mid-autumn bright moon night, spend an one crock wine, lift cup invite the bright moon, I wish the person is long! Acting from beginning to end to coming 3000 character is worn “ reunion ” for the moon cake of 2 words, the bishop that collocation suits, probably ability is more satisfactory.

VS glacial wine is sweet moon cake

Glacial wine, ” calls “ German name Eiswein, ” is “ English name Icewine, it is one kind fills the bishop that originates in and other places of Canada, Germany, Austria. The grape of brew ice wine should risk the risk that be eaten off by field puppy and encounters the unusual climate such as storm, hail, insist to arrive to cold current face, air temperature falls to just can be plucked until centigrade negative octave is the following. At this moment, the grape begins frozen, systole, divide chroma in order to achieve the sugar that place of glacial wine brew needs.

Glacial wine suits very much with ” of partner of moon cake “ , especially as heavier as sweet taste moon cake combines more optimal Partner. Because glacial wine itself is very sweet, it is the “Mr.Right” of of all kinds and delicate desert at ordinary times.

Moon cake of nutlet of VS of expensive corrupt wine

Expensive corrupt wine follows ice wine is same, also be defer plucks, nevertheless it is to waiting to affect a kind to call Botrytis Cinerea(grape Bao) mould, this kind of mould can give the alveolus with our invisible naked eye in grape face moth or any other insect that eats books, form on skin thin thin black gray fluff, look to resembled growing hair, this makes the moisture in the grape is evaporated, become shrivelled gradually. No less, candy cent also was condensed by height.

Although expensive corrupt wine and glacial wine all are famous rummy, but because the characteristic of itself of expensive corrupt wine is,contain distinct nut fragrance, because this and the moon cake that bring nutlet are optimal spouse, be like 5 benevolence moon cake.

   Moon cake of yoke of VS of snow Li wine

Snow Li wine, be called by Great Master Shakespeare “ installs the Spanish sunshine ” in bottle. This kind produces the wine from area of Spanish snow Li, belong to aggrandizement vinous a kind, it is in the grape juice ferments after the end, go to artificially in join firewater, undertake allocating, in order to obtain the —— of snow Li wine of different style from flaxen to dark brown, from work sweet, from pure and fresh to fat profit, the style is varied. because such, its range distributing food is very wide. For instance Cream the Good Friend that solicit comments of Xue Li wine is moon cake.
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