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Bishop sober up is super jewel

Major tastes the choice of goblet

The test that passes wine expert countless times proves, an identical wine, there is different taste in the meeting in goblet of different figure, different formative. Goblet is the container that packs wine not just, more important is the character that it can rise and shows a wine. The bishop of home town is aimed at in France, the characteristic goblet that each bishop produces an area to have their place comes drinkable the bishop of their place characteristic.

To the choice of goblet, should note a few respects: The appearance of goblet, capacity and its material is qualitative.

Use appearance of drinkable vinous goblet generally to be mixed commonly tulip is about the same, have a protuberant gut, the wine with different basis kind, the size of abdomen and cubage differ somewhat. This raised abdomen gives bishop a very good activity space, benefit at shaking cup. The capacity of goblet wants big, the motion with facilitating can sufficient inside the cup bishop. A cup of bishop has 9 minutes to rise roughly, if goblet is too small,perhaps pour wine too full, cannot shake cup, such also block up of bishop aroma send out.

The material of goblet should be colorless and transparent character, smooth, those who do not have engraved designs. The enjoyment that the cup of crystal of chromatic engraved designs of the sort of massiness can bring a vision to go up only and can affect vinous performance. The color of goblet can disturb the color of bishop itself badly. Optimal goblet is super thin crystal cup. Crystal cup has best light transmittance.

Blister goblet

The goblet of this cup form can develop the characteristic of a champagne and blister wine most. Champagne and blister wine need are full of the waist of goblet, namely the part with the largest cross section of goblet, such ability make bleb better exhale from comes. The brim of goblet contracts upcountry decrescent, can collect the odour in wine in cup predestined relationship well, long and thin goblet physical ability makes exquisite blister slow rise, the visual perception that gives a person infinite daydream suffers, burst apart in blister the glamour that bubbly enjoys in sound.

Muti_function taste goblet

Traditional tulip appearance is OK and compatible suit almost all bishop. The claret that suits low Chan Ning and low acid most of course and by the white wine of Sauvignon Blanc brew. Its straight cup body line, the cup mouth that reachs inward systole can rise aroma centrally, make drink person can experience the fun that tastes wine and pleasure very quickly.

Sober up method

Young vinous sober up

To young vinous sober up it is simple and maneuverable. The gist of sober up is the breath that makes wine sufficient, come through oxidation soft turn wine, it is mature to make it follows fruity. After opening wine, can tell wine path to enter sober up directly implement, the speed that enters can be fast, also won't have what harm to wine. The time of sober up should be controlled control in a hour, do not wake with what take plug drinking vessel, should make wake drinking vessel mouth is opened wide.
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