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China is right wine kind regulation of commodity sanitation standard

N— 2 methylic inferior saltpetre amine basically comes from malt. After barley gives birth to bud, when undertaking stoving, fuel produces oxidation nitrogen in combustion process, oxidation nitrogen and malt medium amino acid is united in wedlock, generated inferior saltpetre amine. Malt in contain inferior saltpetre amine, after malt brew becomes beer, was left. N— 2 methylic inferior saltpetre amine is toxic substance, also be the carcinogenic substance of human body. The standard sets national sanitation, ≤3 microgramme / rise.
9. Bacterium
The bacterium basically is in fermenting fermented glutinous rice builds a course, because choose water quality sordid, or there is pollution in brewing process, or filter antiseptic not thorough, or brewery sanitary equipment is poor, give those who take. After people is drinkable contract disease of intestines and stomach easily. The standard sets national sanitation:

Bacterial gross

(/ milliliter)
Coliform group

(/ 100 milliliter)
Draft beer ≤50 ≤50
Ripe beer ≤50 ≤3
≤50 ≤3 of yellow rice or millet wine
Bishop ≤3

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