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China is right wine kind regulation of commodity sanitation standard

3. Prussiate
Prussiate basically originates the raw material of brew, if use cassava or substitute make wine, because bitter almond glucoside is contained in raw material, hydrolyze of classics of bitter almond glucoside has virulent prussiate with respect to generation, it can make drink person tic of difficulty of hurried of discharge of vomiting, abdomen, gas, breath, whole body, insensible reach death. The standard sets national sanitation, the person that it is raw material with cassava (with HCN plan) ≤5 milligram / rise, milligram of ≤2 of the person that it is raw material with substitute / rise.
4. Lead
The lead in wine, basically come from the appliance of brew, for brew appliance medium stannum contains lead to measure too tall be caused by. The plumbic photograph in the acid in liquor and brew container combines makes plumbic salt, it is with respect to dissolve in liquor. Lead is the metal with a kind of very strong noxiousness, human body eats into 0.04 grams, can cause virulent poisoning, enjoin takes 20 grams, with respect to meeting death. By the lead poisoning that food causes, can cause virulent poisoning. Lead can appear inside human body toxic phenomenon, make poll painful, giddy, memory drops, hand grip is uneasiness of abate, Morpheus, anaemic till die. The standard sets national sanitation, with Pb plan, liquor is ≤1 milligram / litre; Yellow rice or millet wine is ≤0.5 milligram / litre.
5. Manganese
The manganese in wine basically is to be in brewing process, use advocate in wine of processing of manganese acerbity Potassium motley the remain when reaching peculiar smell comes down. Manganese also is the metal with a kind of very strong noxiousness, can make drink person have a headache, giddy, insomnia, lack of power, memory is reduced, sexual function drops, limb ache, Yi Xingfen. The standard sets national sanitation, with milligram of Mm plan ≤2 / rise.
6. 2 oxidation sulfur
2 oxidation sulfur basically is to make in process of brew bishop, wine Pei fluid rises antiseptic, clear, deliquescent, add acid is added with the action that fight oxygen go in. 2 oxidation sulfur can be used up in brewing process for the most part, remain only few one part. 2 oxidation sulfur is toxic colorless gas, have choking sex taste, make the person breathes difficulty, poison lung organ. The standard sets national sanitation, with free ≤0.05 overcomes So2 plan / kilogram.
7. Yellow aspergillus toxin
Yellow aspergillus toxin basically is to be when brew yellow rice or millet wine, choose raw material inadvertent, those who take. The yellow aspergillus that place of cereal be affected with damp be affected with damp produces, in brewing process involuntary discharge of urine left toxin. The noxiousness of toxin of mildew of its Huang Qu is very big, it is the hepatic carcinogenic substance of people. The standard sets national sanitation, microgramme of B≤5 of yellow aspergillus toxin / kilogram.
8. N— 2 methylic inferior saltpetre amine
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