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" magical water " the inspiration that gives Chinese bishop the industry
Just see from network media again concern caricature of pair of Japanese bishop interlink " magical water " report, go up in the magazine at present allegedly serial " magical water " attracted reader of nearly 500 thousand Japan every week, publish close market already work off millions is covered. The bishop that caricature hero samples every week below divine Qi rain causes a reader buy upsurge, this one phenomenon is on Japanese net wine market particularly apparent, pardonable media issues divine Qi rain than doing it is ” of “ bishop emperor · handkerchief overcomes Robert.

Remember a lot of home bishop travel together Ceng Zhuanwen is discussed how to change bishop culture mainland (Chinese change) , the means method that the purpose means to find a kind of effective namely will drive bishop to be in of home popularize promotion and market sale. All of course any effort must be to establish the national condition that is in China over, this national condition has problem of economic base, consumption level already, also consumption is used to a problem to wait a moment, broke away from these real problems to talk wine mainland is turned or Chinese changing is empty, not actual. Take " magical water " for Japan of sell like hot cakes, Korea, it can be accomplished with caricature bishop culture the painterly form of this one love to see and hear undertakes popularize and popular, drive vinous market sale, be in Japan because of cartoon line of business namely very develop, having mix extensively solid masses base, the basis that is Japanese people culture in addition is in effective. If,imagine will " magical water " means of vinous of sale of this one successful promotion moves China, whether cause domestic vinous to consume upsurge? Must have a premise above all of course, that is purchasing power must have, I want to be able to produce certain result probably, but unlikelihood Japan and Korea are so remarkable, this is the culture difference be caused by of different country, if be in,do not pass " magical water " the culture element that Chinese spy blended in to have in script, the effect that is afraid place is achieved is met greatly different.

Talk about public media to popularize the action of bishop culture respect in conduct propaganda namely additionally, very glad to report this " magical water " the media of news is the xinhua net of network media —— that home has force extremely, the hope will have more much bishop culture news and message to be published on such media henceforth, will conduce to in the conduct propaganda that public media shares bishop culture accelerate bishop culture to be in of home gain ground and popularize, after all the advantage that it is having professional media place to be not had, namely the reader is much, enclothe muscularity of wide, influence. Still have even if professional media is in a few concerns with bishop amusement culture content that face a general reader will add more on the choice of news news henceforth, increase sex of article reading interest, readability, otherwise if, professional media website also cannot accomplish the reader face that enlarges his. Amusement culture content conduces to eliminate sex of exhaustion of reading of a general reader, make everybody enjoys the pleasure of bishop culture truly.
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