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London wine city rolls out comedic nocturnal activity to foster new wine to conf
London Weinuobolisi wine city (Vinopolis) the nocturnal ” activity that plans every months to roll out comedy of a “ .

Lubaite of manager of the city that occupy wine · dust Wood (Rupert Ellwood) introduce, the last Zhou Wu of every months will be the nocturnal ” of “ comedy surely, show two scene comedy that chair by compere. Dust Wood says: In number of “ here circumference club of neither one comedy, we decide fill this one blank. ”

Weinuobolisi the purpose of wine city is culture of bishop of transmission of fan of Xiang Xi opera, them change is bishop lover.

Dust Wood says: “ is right us, comedy is the new field of new client of a disclosure, I think us ought to from comedic lover collect a circumstance to develop new consumptive group. ”“ our comedic night and mainstream comedy are different, the place is located in high-grade consumption area and not be common comedic club. Entrance ticket 10 pound a piece. ” actor includes Brendan Dempsey, quincy, henry Parker, sean Welsh and Paul Tonkinson. Although they are not the celebrity of widely known, but a lot of Edinburgh recently appearance on artistic moral integrity show.

Dust the development of the nocturnal ” that Wu Defei often values “ comedy, he says: “ goes a few days, we had sold give 40 pieces of bills, true hearten making a person. If the number is too much, we can consider a week to be held. ”

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