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From Americanism of California bishop fluoroscopy
Advocate to be mixed freely abound the characteristic that innovation is American culture. In California bishop, we are OK easily the Americanism with strong wind. Regard United States of vinous of new world region as bishop, by Europe emigrant place is introduced, below the ablution of American culture, development goes quite distinctive and pure and fresh style, innovation goes as disparate as Australia, south Africa, Chile bishop culture.

In the France that held in Paris 1976 and contest of California bishop comment on, california wine actually a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role, no matter red wine and liquor, beat French wine, it is between one evening, california wine changed international wine to judge domestic impressions thoroughly, times of new world vinous comes at Yan.
Although the United States not merely California Malaga wine, but California is American vinous undoubtedly important produce a division. Bishop lover regards California bishop as already is American vinous pronoun. Although the bishop of American California is cultivated,mix brew history, had had 200 old, when in 19 centuries Europe confronts grape aphid disaster, of the United States viny the wine industry that still saved Europe. But historical reason of the United States limitted vinous development greatly. 1917 - between 1933, the United States promulgated pussyfoot to make, bishop is in that times is not answer of existence.

19 centuries 60 - 70 time, california bishop began rapid development, ma of Nuo of all alone of grape cropper discovery and accept handkerchief valley (Napa Valley) is the treasure ground that complete California suits a grape to grow most, new brewery holds water in these two places in succession. In the course a series of after the experiment, american discovers California area suits to grow the grape variety of much area of French wave Er particularly, the brew facility that then the United States begins to introduce France and grow a technology. Can be the freedom with American peculiar in one's heart and innovation, make they are while esteem is traditional, also undertake the innovation of equipment and technology ceaselessly. The bishop that is in the United States produces an area to produce a country unlike traditional bishop (like France, Italy, Spain) the character that sees a day have a meal, the quality difference of a particular year of stand or fall is quite accordingly apparent. Be in California, american believes man can conquer nature quite it seems that, there is no lack of in grapery exceed large sirocco fan and automatic water supply, in order to prevent frost injury and drought, grapy is cultivated range way also as far as possible with adjusting pattern artificially, let grape leaf can arrive with illuminate the sunshine of maximum. Even if the wine cellar that uses oak bucket Chen Hua, also be keeping temperature and humidity with artificial means. More advanced large brewery, still diagnose a system in meteorological satellite of the erect in grapery even, foretell ahead of schedule weather changes, make preparation of nice perfectly sound in order to shift to an earlier date. This kind of person is the course of action that interpose grape grows, make California bishop annual all can be maintained judge decided quality. Of course the differential key with the oldest without a particular year of stand or fall wine of California still depends on California's unique climate qualification. Grow in the grape the most crucial in April - in October, very few rain, have very good sun. So the bishop of California can have very grumous fruit normally sweet with full wine body.
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