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Longan grapy beauty is fabulous
Longan grape is clear Xu grape value of the nutrition in numerous breed is highest, store time is the longest, famous one of degree of highest breed. Longan grape calls longan, still have a beautiful fokelore.

Say Li Yuan rises from Taiyuan however fall south arms, take continuously on the west Beijing Chang'an. Although firm quietly carried off country, but the harrass that the ground of Taiyuan suffers Tujue arms repeatedly however, land is run-down, plague is popular. After Li Shimin knows, cense day and night devotional, appeal at God.

After The Jade Emperor is informed this matter, li Shimin of recall with deep emotion an absolute sincerity, send descend to the world of bare dragon bald end, save the common people at extreme misery. When bare dragon bald end is acted according to make leave the middle of forhead to drop when the bank of Fen river, had not used a method, be attracted by a rising and falling tweedle place. Coagulate carefully listen, or the musical instrument sound of happy event or Bei, let it forget the purpose of visit actually. Prestige giving into goes, in a thatched cottage, bare dragon bald end discovered an old man, the bald end of sound of cling to musical instrument does obeisance to old man to learned to remove Zou Qin for division unexpectedly.

Several days are lain between when, the musical instrument ability of bald end grows greatly. Just when it is complacent when, some day, suddenly fierce wind blows hard, clear sky black clouds rolls, thatched cottage in the sky ding a few thunder. Bald end one Jing, one crazy read aloud to change cold sweat immediately, put musical instrument, changed light breeze to rise in sky. Original, yudi knows him not purpose of abide by law, send 6 fourth gods to will capture it to answer heavenly palace. Bare dragon bald end knows him to violate nature law, cannot Rao Shu, take the advantage of 6 man divine general carelessly, dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed goes out binocular cast to the west hill, change the body a big wood then, fall eastwards hill.

Of bald end binocular cast toward Bai Shi channel to greet level ground of south wind village in, after drizzle of a cool breeze passes, level ground in grew two individual plant viny, the ties on the tree goes after stringing together string of grape to pass in autumn wind, pink and transparent, bright-coloured and fresh and juicy, be just as eye of hundreds of dragon to gather. Pick the next, put in the mouth, gan Tian is goluptious. Squashy when, candy cent is full, still can pull fine fine candy silk, this is longan grape. It has the meritorious service of reduce internal heat of be good at stomach not only, most commendable is, this breed returns profit at Chu Fang, help into what take for Bian Shan food. Flavour pure, skin is fragile, be able to bear or endure the advantage that store is known by people, domestic home is contending for transplanting. But, no matter how others is painstaking, the fructification that grows always is inferior to greeting level ground of south wind village in what the ties goes is goluptious. Later, the people dream that Bian Shan brings arrived 6 man are magical will, just knowing this grape is bare dragon the plague that for drive this takes turns his eye, give a name for “ longan ” , take in Bian Shan build removed bare dragon temple, the four seasons enjoys hold a memorial ceremony for.
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