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Red wine of international of the 2nd Guangzhou will be recommended in June 2009
Sessional: In June 2009 30 ~ on July 2
The site of an association: Pa continent exhibits Fair of Chinese import and export merchandise house

Approve an unit: Guangdong visits office of collaboration of foreign trade economy
Sponsor an unit: Culture of Western-style food of party of general manager of hotel of region of association of cooking of guild of things of Guangdong province hotel, Guangdong, Guangdong, China promotes international of meeting, beautiful city to show limited company
Assist run an unit: Red wine of international of city of things of hotel of international of Guangzhou sanded brook, IWS is collected
Undertake unit: Guangzhou China exhibits an exhibition to engineer limited company

Postpone meeting introduction:

HOSFAIR international bishop is recommended meeting by Guangzhou China exhibit an exhibition to engineer limited company and IWS international red wine to collect sponsor together. Exhibit meeting general to make full use of originally what since the hotel exhibits 6 years, accumulate purchase dealer natural resources, ginseng postpone business the home, importer, jobber, shopkeeper, cent can be bought to sell business, representative, hotel and meal estate company to represent meeting inside the course of study with inland of main attack China and Asian market, negotiate the business. The person that exhibition is course of study not simply creats professional palaver environment, also be with global course of study person osculatory communication reachs those who master newest market information to go up beautiful way.

Limits of item on display:
The bishop of each breed, be like wine of Li of claret, white wine, pink bishop, champagne, snow, ice wine to wait;
Bishop things, be like: Household utensils of drink of domestic and international wine, wine kind pack reach storage technology, equipment, brew machinery equipment, complementary makings, wine kind brand and advertisement design.

Exhibit activity of meeting the corresponding period:
Name of coronal of beautiful wine angel trials; Chinese wine market and business chance forum; Division of world top class brew develops become reconciled spot to sign.

Ginseng exhibit expense:
1, the standard exhibits (9 square metre) : Domestic company 7800 yuan of RMBs, foreign enterprise 2000 dollars, bilateral mouth is exhibited add close 10% . Every standard exhibits a configuration smooth ground of rice of 3 meters of ×3, 3 are exhibited board, basket of a 2 2 chair of character of a lintel board, 1 desk, fluorescent lamp, paper.
2, interior open space (hire since 36 square metre) : Empty space 800 yuan / square metre. Hire empty space, the spot needs to exhibit a house to hand in mount administration fee especially 28 yuan / square metre.

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