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2008 China (Shenzhen) international feeds rich meeting international bishop and
Sponsor an unit: Government of Shenzhen city people
Shenzhen conference exhibits association
Data set of American IDG international is round
Undertake unit: Shenzhen city loves rich to show limited company
Assist run an unit: Net of Shenzhen red wine

Time: On October 31, 2008 —11 month 2 days.
Place: Shenzhen can exhibit a center

Rich spot activity:

One, China International bishop forum of height of course of study
Forum theme argument (on November 2, 2008)
Current situation of 1. China wine trade and future develop a tendency 5 years;
Brand of 2. international bishop is in China bishop sale approach is analytic;
3. how place of business of wine wine of efficient investment China and wine market. , wine investment, collect with the auction.
4. Chinese cate and nutrition of international beautiful wine are perfect and tie-in analytic.

2, the night of Shenzhen international beautiful wine and banker of top class name taste bender (on November 2, 2008)

3, the brigade of red wine of ” of bank of bank of “ China name (on November 3, 2008 - 4 days)
Base of visiting wine place of business, taste spirits division, brew division to taste red wine of ancient bronze mirror with wine place of business;
Visit local travel resort. (provisional)

4, taste bender:
Place: Shenzhen can exhibit a center
Time: On October 31, 2008 —11 month 2 days

5, criticize cocktail party:
Place: Shenzhen can exhibit a center
Time: On October 31, 2008 - on November 2

6, renown spirits auction is met
Place: Shenzhen can exhibit a center
Time: On October 31, 2008 - on November 2

Postpone area introduction
“2008 Shenzhen feeds rich then —11 was in meeting ” 2 days month on October 31, 2008 Shenzhen can exhibit a center to be held ceremoniously, establish 5, 6, 7, 4 8 exhibit a house, the area is amounted to 30 thousand Duopingmi, it is home one of the largest and integrated exhibition. “ international beautiful wine tastes ancient bronze mirror to recommend marriage of hotel of Shenzhen of ” of food festival of amorous feelings of international of meeting ” , “ , “ to celebrate banquet to read extensively international of ” , “ 10 thousand ” success a red-letter day, wait for an activity to also will be held at the same time. “ feeds rich meeting ” will be established 3000 Duopingmi serves as “ international beautiful wine to recommend reach taste ancient bronze mirror to exhibit area ” , this area is tasted brand culture conduct propaganda, newly centrally appear on the market promotion, beautiful wine tastes ancient bronze mirror, wine collect reach auction and purchase negotiate wait for a function to be an organic whole, adopt unified decorate build, unite a style, outstanding reveal company image and mobile theme.

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