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International red wine is exhibited hand in can open gong period on October
According to authoritative information, the spring collects free tax zone of China's oldest Zhuhai of —— of market of duty of international red barkeeper wine line of business deals the market will open on October 21, 2008. In order to gather together world name wine, promote red wine culture, make China's biggest international wine line of business protect duty exhibition to trade the line of business of wine of 2008 China International that the market and base of storage of Asia-Pacific area have a change of luck give priority to aim protects duty to exhibit Fair and Zhuhai to trade the market, it is by Zhuhai committee of management of free tax zone is sponsorred, the spring collects Zhuhai free tax zone the international red wine that exhibition service limited company undertakes is exhibited all the year round hand in meeting.

Of nearly 10 thousand square metre all the year round exhibition hall, covered international wine kind the of all kinds wine that produces business, agency, brandy, whisky, vodka, low alcohol (without alcohol) drink; Wine kind the of all kinds drinking household utensils that things production business produces, wine kind pack reach storage technology equipment; Wine trade association, chamber of commerce, research organization and orgnaization of other and relevant service. Make introduction of controller of conference organizing committee according to exhibiting, exhibit reaching the dominant position of the meeting is to be aimed at businessman of line of business of of all kinds wine to enter the politic demand of Chinese market to offer different service way, except offer alcoholic drink kind of the product reveal, trade, outside storage, special still for each wine kind medium and small businesses provides product representative distribute and commodity consignment service, the carriage that offers whole course, storage, imports and exports is connected close, examine quarantine, interpreter guides the ” of “ one continuous line that buy and deals with Chinese label to wait serves. Use the special and geographical dominant position of Zhuhai, dash forward show efficient reveal, common consignment, handy trading market characteristic, namely: Face natural resources of all domestic and international client, use what the country gives to maintain duty privilege policy, save fund of many battalion transport for the businessman, make wine kind product profit is the biggest change, implementation is efficient reveal a characteristic; Can adopt to the businessman its wine kind the product is deposited in the spring the industry that collect wine deals market consignment, also can recall at any time product, need not pay any custom duty, highlight agile characteristic; Specific the wine when trading kind manufacturing agency needs to provide sample and product brief introduction only, conclude the agreement of churchyard sale agent that phasing closes, can arrange only, shop and professional interpreter salesperson, make wine kind product at once collects wine line of business to trade through the spring of the market protect duty to reveal trade platform, realize wine kind the market sale of the product, make handy trade make the largest window.
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