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Trade fair of spirits of 2008 autumn sugar kicked off in Changsha on October 18
Reporter from what hold in Changsha trade fair of countrywide sugar spirits learned on preliminary meeting first Summer 2008, trade fair of spirits of sugar of 2008 autumn whole nation will kick off in Changsha on October 18, predict to will 150 thousand person attends, ginseng exhibit travelling merchant to will exceed 6000.

Trade fair of countrywide sugar spirits is by wine of Chinese sugar industry kind group company is sponsorred, the commercial grand meeting of the countrywide sugar spirits that local government undertakes, beverage, food and relevant industry, only then 1955, hold year every year two season. Because its clinch a deal,big, ginseng meets the forehead travelling merchant is numerous, be known as the biggest trade of “ whole nation meeting ” . After Ceng Xian of the Changsha City 1995, mixed 1998 held successfully 3 times 2002.

Place of trade fair of spirits of sugar of 2008 autumn whole nation is set in Hunan international exhibition center, should exhibit a house total floor area 100, 000 square metre, exhibition hall area 50, 000 square metre, can set international standard to exhibit 2, 000, can hold 3 500—1000 at the same time exhibit exhibition.

According to organizing committee introduction, trade fair of spirits of sugar of current fall whole nation will have the 6000 above enterprise that comes from a few countries such as the United States, Japan, France, Singapore and area to attend, 150 thousand more than person attends the meeting, need exhibits an area to exceed 120 thousand square metre. Trade fair of this spirits of sugar of second whole nation will increase a city to consume 3 billion yuan or so to Changsha, increase cess to receive 150 million yuan or so. It is reported, current, wine of hill of in relief yeast for making hard liquor of wine of the in relief river of clear of native land brand of Hunan, drunkard, Wu Longshan, Shao, fierce, white sanded fluid already all signed up ginseng meeting.

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