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8 years in September China (Shanghai) exposition of wine of international bishop
Time: In September 2008 26-28 day
Place: Shanghai exhibits a center

Sponsor an unit: In steam external head office of economic technology collaboration
Constituent unit: Committee of experts of wine of Pu of association of Chinese food industry
Limited company of international trade of Shanghai Yi Zi
China take limited company

Rich spot activity:
First bishop of authoritative, professional “ China International of ” of forum of height of course of study hold

Forum theme argument (on September 25, 2008)
1. Current situation of Chinese wine trade and future develop a tendency 5 years;
2. International bishop brand is in China bishop sale approach is analytic;
3. How place of business of wine wine of efficient investment China and wine market;

Cocktail lounge of noctivagant yellow Pu Jiang (on September 26, 2008)
Be invited to join bender staff: Social superstratum distinguished personages, international diplomatic mission is stationed in Shanghai business affairs and agricultural counsellor,
500 strong company Shanghai of world are presiding apparitor, business of domestic and international wine is represented, international tastes spirits division, brew division;
The reporter that be invited: Spot of reporter of magazine of major of channel of Shanghai place recreation, bishop, luxury magazine reporter dogs report;

The brigade of red wine of “ Yunnan red ” (on September 27, 2008 - 28 days)
1, base of factory of visiting Yunnan red wine, team of division of the as red as Yunnan division that taste wine, brew tastes red red wine of Yunnan of ancient bronze mirror;
2, visit big Buddha of Maitreya of hill of bright and beautiful screen, visit hot spring of type of day of bubble of garden of zoology of spring of lake of —— of large and artificial lake

Taste bender:
Place: Shanghai exhibits a center
Time: September 2008 26-27 day
Present staff: Agency lover of 40 name, bishop 50
Home 2000 yuan / hour
International 500 U.S. dollors / hour
The spot offers: The antependium of carpet of 60 desk and chairs, measuring projector, sound box, mike, whole house, white, mineral water, bucket that spit wine, taste goblet, sop;
Statement: The product is recommended can arrange 4 everyday, every 1 hour.

Criticize cocktail party:
Place: Shanghai exhibits a center
Time: On September 25, 2008
Present staff:
20 taste spirits division, 30 judge spirits division, 40 agency

Award prize:
Prize-giving time: On September 25, 2008
Prize-giving place: Shanghai exhibits a center
Gold prize of exposition of wine of distill of bishop of 2008 China International 3
Exposition of wine of distill of bishop of 2008 China International is silver-colored award 5
Exposition of wine of distill of bishop of 2008 China International cupreous award 9
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