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First Wen Zhou (the whole nation) candy bender will in October the bottom is hel
2008 lukewarm cities (the whole nation) sugar spirits, beverage and edible oily Fair will on October 30 - in Wen Zhou the international exhibition center was held ceremoniously on November 2. This the conference is approved by federation of Chinese light industry, by wine of center of information of Chinese light industry, China kind total chamber of commerce of current association, Wen Zhou and China double be filled with a group to be held jointly, wen Zhou double be filled with international to exhibit limited company to undertake. This is what to hold for the first time is in on lukewarm state history internationally sugar spirits, beverage and edible oily Fair.

Sales volume of sugar wine market nots allow to ignore. 2008 first quarter, wine of lukewarm state whole city kind, food volume market and consumable turnover growth are quickened, the consumable total volume of retail sales such as spirits of sugar of whole town implementation twenty-four billion nine hundred and seventy-five million yuan. In last few years, wine of the liquor that comes from world each district, bishop, health care, grab market of beach lukewarm city ceaselessly in succession. In the meantime, oily market of Wen Zhou's beverage, edible also is drawing the attention of domestic and international top class distributor, especially high-grade red wine, olive oil, already entered family of lukewarm city good-paying stage by stage. According to not complete count, france Custer 2007 lukewarm cities sell wine 500 million yuan of RMB, occupy the 1/3 of Chinese market. What spirits of lukewarm city sugar reachs size of market of edible oil, olive oil is big, beyond question.

Exhibit meeting general assemble this industry of wine of domestic and international sugar brand of consumable of each high end, ginseng exhibit a category to include wine kind, oil of beverage, edible, green feeds equipment of industry of category, food to wait, reveal newest product and transmission glamour of brand of current sugar spirits, reflect the marrow of tide of international sugar spirits adequately. Exhibit meeting general this in order to promote industrial resource conformity, promotion company brand image, enlarge commerce channel to be a tenet, highlight commercial trade function, offer a variety of forms that enrol business, with more professional, more normative extend meeting operation shift, exhibit business and operator to build to provide professional sugar spirits and edible oil, olive oil to trade most to join platform, to strengthen information communication, technology communicates promotional understanding between the enterprise, seek cooperative opportunity, offer a good chance.

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