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Wine of international of ﹚ of Shenzhen of ﹙ of 8 years of China kind commodity
In November 2008 1-3 day, the ﹚ of Shenzhen of 2008 China ﹙ that by Guangdong province travel society and Guangdong hotel guild sponsor international wine kind commodity exhibition saves Yu Andong Shenzhen city to be able to exhibit a center to hold.

Exhibit this can direct with holding to “ to be in order to export, export pays equal attention to inside ” exhibits a tenet to do, with “ good luck, communication, collaboration, development ” gives priority to a problem, the audience constituent job is put in first place, predict to will invite come to many 10000 to come from countrywide various wine kind agency of jobber, one class, agent, wine kind the professional personage that professional market, major purchases hall of hotel of above of organization, 4 stars, large restaurant, Western-style food, supermarket, bazaar looks around purchase.
Exhibit at the appointed time can return will organize contest of appraise through comparison of quality of wine hard drinks, wine kind auction wine of meeting, name to sample forum of height of development of culture of wine of activity, China and bishop culture are revealed wait for an activity.

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