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08FHC China is dozenth facilities of an international food, beverage, hotel, mea
Date: On December 4, 2008 - on December 6
Place: The Shanghai new international of Shanghai Pudong reads extensively center
Show an area: Gross area - 33000 square metre

Sponsor an unit: Border conference exhibits Hua Hanguo (Shanghai) limited company (exhibition of Ao Wei international is allied)

China supports association:
Association of Chinese potted industry
Committee of major of beer of association of Chinese food industry
Heibei saves food industry association
Jiangsu saves food industry association
Center of information of Shanghai market conditions
Shanghai beverage guild
Shanghai meal guild
Shanghai cooking association
Shanghai imports food company association
Shanghai travel career runs committee
Shanghai food medicines and chemical reagents supervises institute of information of management board science and technology
Zhejiang saves food industry association

Italy supports FHC China once more:
ICE, committee of Italian foreign trade comes to FHC China 2008 to extend Italian food and beverage product as first selection. More than 7000 invitation letter had been given out through Roman headquarters, invite each Italian areas to sign up actively. And acceptance this year will be the biggest Italy and bishop exhibit a group.

Spain exhibits a group:
Exhibited the biggest Spain in the meeting to exhibit a group to share 140 ginseng to exhibit a company 2007, and should exhibit what the group had booked FHCChina2008 exhibit. The bishop that Spain exhibits an area to will show each set to the audience, olive oil and have Spain the cate of distinctive local color. And disclose according to Italian trade commission, they also will support FHC solely to be in first any activities of home, all markets main resource conformity reachs FHCChina2008, and anticipate the area that ICE exhibits a group and Spanish group are same. MaurizioForte of Italian trade commission says: “ gains the greatest success to let Italy exhibit a group, we engineer the organization support of a few activities to exhibit meeting. First degrees are approved to allow the ham of the entrance to appear the bishop with Italy, cheese, candy and roast product FHCChina jointly 2007.

Other exhibits a group:
Current exhibit can return will add Ireland and Belgium newly to exhibit a group. The United States that supports by American Ministry of Agriculture exhibits a group 2008 also regain FHCChina. This year, the United States exhibits a group to will add 3 areas newly to exhibit a group, come from southern SUSTA respectively, ministry of delegate Chinese and Western and Atlanta continent with guest on the west the MIATCO of Ministry of Agriculture of law Ni Yazhou, new Zealand and heart national capital will be exhibited 2008 one times ginseng increases to exhibit an area in the meeting. JandeGraf of committee of German food market says; Because “ comes from the feedback that postpones business first-rate, accordingly we expect to be joined again next year exhibit and exhibit stage area to expand somewhat. ”
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