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Bureau of hair of Hong Kong trade August head do beautiful wine of Hong Kong int
Bureau of development of Hong Kong trade announces today, will this year August, in Hong Kong conference exhibition center holds wine of beauty of international of Hong Kong of the first “ to read extensively ” , the wine that promotion Hong Kong regards an Asia as kind drink commerce, cent sells the ideal terrace that reachs investment.

Country of sea of bridge of presiding economy division is in trade hair bureau today express on the press conference, next year finance budgets that finance of special zone government announces before department director is earlier in the case, the proposal is avoided receive etc of bishop, beer to be not firewater wine kind of drink should imposition tastes duty, develop wine to Hong Kong kind commerce, have greatest help.

Early before, trade hair bureau has an investigation, discuss Hong Kong to make the wine inside Asian area kind the latent capacity that commerce and cent sell a center. The basis reports forecast, did not come 5 years, asian wine kind drink market will with annual 10% grow to 20% high speed, basically drive by inland and Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Korea. Estimation Asia (Japanese except) drinkable quantity is in 2 0 just a little year will be current double, total value amounts to one billion one hundred and fifty million nine hundred and eighty-one thousand one hundred and twenty HK dollar, to 2 will be as high as -453397504 HK dollar 17 0 years.

Liang Haiguo expresses, in recent years, the culture tasting wine of Hong Kong is formed gradually, the financial service that adds maturity, capital and information can flow freely, and ever was judged to be the freest economic system for many times, it is its development wine kind the advantage of commerce.

Liang Haiguo points out, if Hong Kong can develop,make the wine inside Asian area kind commerce and cent sell a center, will bring quite sizable economy profit, estimate 2 0 just a little year spend Yuan Chao billion HK dollar; To gains of 17 years of 0 2 economy more approachable -1294967296 HK dollar, create the new position of thousands of.

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