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Wine of 8 years of Asias kind exhibition was held in Singapore in October
Extend meeting date: In October 2008 16-18 day
Open time: 10: 00-18: 30
Exhibit meeting site: Singapore amounts to international conference newly to exhibit a center, the 6th exhibition hall
Sponsor an unit: MP Asia Pte Ltd
Wine Resourses Pte Ltd

Exhibit an area: 7000 square metre
Predicting ginseng exhibits trade measure: 500 domestic and international ginseng postpone business
Predicting view exhibits trade measure: Commerce and 5000 professional personages
Limits of item on display: Bishop kind clear wine is not bishop kind firewater wine kind reach bar correlator to have alcoholic drink kind service
Ginseng postpone business: Bishop and firewater
Exporter / cooperative business / agent / agent
Asian agency
Wine has manufacturer / agency
Service supplier
Relevant product manufacturer / agency
Blame stimulant and stimulant exporter / agency
Manufacturer of high grade food / agency

Significant activity:

1. Wine kind commercial forum (Wine Business Forum)
The wine on “ net kind sale — good luck and challenge ” are in “ wine kind professional proposal is obtained on commercial forum Wine Business Forum” , absorb valuable experience.

2. Course of international liquor importer (International Wine Importer Course)
Have mixed 2006 in view of International Wine Importer Course” of course of importer of “ international bishop hold successfully 2007. Singapore technical institute is held again 2008 course of international bishop importer. This course aims to raise Asian bishop to importer chooses and buy wine kind professional quality. The meeting in course provides much azimuth platform, facilitating participator can communicate communication and collaboration each other.

3. 2008 Asian wine kind large award (Wine Style Asia Award 2008)
Wine For Asia 2008 will choose the 5th “2008 year Asian wine kind Asia Award 2008 of   of   of large award Wine Style”Winner, this award the wine that the delegate faces Asian market kind the superior quality of the product.

4. The forum that taste wine and taste bender publicly (Wine Sensory Symposium&Open Tasting)
This activity aims to publicize the viewpoint with area otherness to taste wine, and the major change that emphasizes consumer preference.

5. Carouse week (Wine Indulgence Week) (as joint as Singapore Sun Festival)
Wine Indulgence Week of “ carouse week”A be Wine For Asia 2008 increase an activity newly. This activity includes to taste wine late banquet, wine kind beneficent auction, bath of beautiful wine hot spring, wine kind coach class, still can have alcoholic drink even kind artistic activity, these activities will give exhibit business and audience to bring brand-new bishop experience.

2007 Asian wine kind exhibition reviewing

Main data

Exhibition area is expanded by 5000 square metre the 6000 square metre 2007, share 441 ginseng that come from 34 countries to exhibit business and associated ginseng to postpone business (among them 92% postpone business for abroad ginseng)
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