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Exhibition of bishop of the 10th favorite international was held in Shanghai 8 y
Time: On November 21, 2008
Place: Shanghai exhibits a center

The regale of bishop of Italy of —— of exhibition of bishop of the 10th favorite international and cate, will on November 20 —21 day is in Shanghai hotel of the four seasons is ablaze come on stage.

Land Chinese heretofore 10 years from 1998, favorite international bishop exhibits the exhibition of extremely negative great reputation in already making trade of Asian person of the same trade, it is the communication platform that home and even Asia buy the home and media to appreciate “ Italy to make ” bishop and cate, also be the good chance of the brigade that experiences Italy.

This year, favorite international bishop is exhibited will distinguish at before show a form, with efficient bring true bishop sumptuous dinner for Chinese consumer with fashionable concept. The team that postpone business is keen-witted and capable, the meaning country that will show each to have humanitarian distinguishing feature vintage wine. Specializationed audience all will taste the Italian beautiful wine of full of beautiful things in eyes freely, participate in series to taste wine to groom lecture, blend in desire state culture. Audience and exhibit while business is enjoying level of guesthouse of 5 stars class to serve, aux will be able to is experienced sponsor the service concept that consummate ” human nature turns square “ client.

For this, we invite sincerely you to participate in “ ” of exhibition of bishop of the 10th favorite international, experience those who come from Yapingning meaning type amorous feelings, savour the bishop culture of European ancient country.

Undertake to the audience is registered beforehand, will acquire visiting certificate and the journal of an association freely.

Fermented glutinous rice of grape of Vinitaly— whole world makes industrial grand meeting
Vinitaly is the grand meeting of the bishop brewing industry with global the longest history, already had 40 years of histories up to now.
Vinitaly also is the biggest, wine that has authority most extends heretofore scope. Come from the numerous international delegacy such as Italy, France, Germany, England, Spain, Argentina and expert every year to enter exhibition regularly.
Vinitaly is in China, United States, Russia, India and Japan every year 5 countries hold cent to exhibit meeting.

Vinitaly China
1998, company of exhibition of accept of Italian dimension collect is in China (Shanghai) hold bishop to exhibit first, already became the fair that holds every year regularly now.
Vinitaly China is at present home has rate of characteristic, internationalization most highest professional bishop exhibition.
The activity of rich form a complete set that domestic and international a person of academic or artistic distinction directs.
Exhibit the of all kinds personage that can face sortie wine line of business: Brew business, Italy and international purchase waiter of wine of business of business of business, imports and exports, agency, meal, pour, journalist and wine to confuse.
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