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Place of business of Aldinga Bay wine
The Aldinga Bay grapery that Girolamo familial place has and wine place of business are located at the end austral Willunga Campagna. Be apart from only the Aldinga Bay beach that 2.5 kilometers are beauty, southern part of center of heart of Lai of distance A heart about 45 kilometers. The influence of annual maritime climate and summer postmeridian sea wind grow for the grape provided first-rate temperature environment.
Don Girolamo to grapery, the loves to come from him motherland Italy of wine place of business and brew. He and his madam Olga chose the land of a 35 hectare below Sellicks foot of a hill 1973, the land here suits to grow a grape very much. Girolamo is familial now the grapery that has owned 175 hectare.

Original the grape variety that here grows includes to interpret 100 Na Suwei's father in law (Cabernet Saubignon) , the United States is happy (Merlot) , cabernet Franc, sha luck manages (Shiraz) , old man of common perilla dimension (Sauvignon Blanc) , xia Duoli (Chardonnay) with thunder commander (Riesling) . Although Don established grapery to supply a grape to produce the wine place of business of the area to McLaren Vale, but the enthusiastic a bit that he establishs him wine place of business was not decreased. He arranged brew facility 1979, built a modern wine place of business, sell a series of food alcoholic drink are mixed strengthen wine. After the son Nick finish school of Don will be excellent, don began his abroad brew career.

Now this household company by Nick administer, the wine that all producing sticks the wine bid that has bright “Aldinga Bay” . Cultivate more general sort to include variety of red grape of a few Italy in place of business of Aldinga Bay wine in recent years, nebbiolo, sangiovese, barbera, semillon, verdelho, malbec, petit Verdot and Ruby Cabernet.

The wine cellar that Sophie Scipioni manages came early to did business at 5 o'clock afternoon at 10 o'clock everyday, but christmas and Passion Sunday except. It is located on the main stem to Myponga and Yankalilla, if you are to be being gone to, welcome you to arrive to come here to look around by the way. Place of business of Aldinga Bay wine also has the very good club tasting wine that can join freely, it offers honoured guest card. This club can offer the wine with your satisfactory price and excellent quality not only, and can provide this wine place of business to you newest the product information that roll out.

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