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Show the pride of grain wine place of business
Show one of pride of grain wine place of business, ask native land artists to be mark of wine of scale of bishop of ” of “ art series namely
                 Denis Horga of —— wine suzerain

Had looked " the ramble in the cloud " person, the metropolis is manorial to those in bishop happening the interesting clue in leaves deep impression. Pluck for example when the grape, girls are being filled full grapy big tub inside dance grape of edge tread down; After curtain of night arrives, people lights bonfire in grapery, the aerosol that uses thick heat will drive algidity, lest the grape is frozen,bad …… does not pass, the wine suzerain Denis Horgan that asks about dew grain wine bank when the reporter, whether does their brew process also resemble what depict in the film in that way when, he is laughing to shake one's head: “ those traditions that were in the past are consuetudinary, nowadays, what place of business of wine of vinous of brew new world uses is advanced modern science and technology. ” is right oneself wine place of business, he most bring think 3 detail that be proud are —— changes oak elaborate picked grape, every year bucket and by mark of artist scale wine.

Grape: Must pluck below sunshine

Classy grape is the chief factor that makes a good wine. Come every year by Feburary at the beginning of March, mature early or late as grapy, australian grapery entered the busiest season in a year on the west. Here, growing most grape variety is long lovesickness, set pull child, thunder commander, Xia Duoli and Chi Xiazhu, their mature time can have appreciably difference, can undertake across plucks, but every breed should be collected inside 10 days. Do not feel picked the grape is very simple, should use scissors only one string is strung together cut below, throw in carrying on the back big basket to be become. Should pick a few grapes to taste first however, affirm to after its mature, just can be cut. And, fall to ensure the grape is collected in the most mature hour, grapery asks the worker must pluck below sunshine, once the sun is downhill, must quit the job, rise again till the sun.

The process that carries the grape to wine cellar from grapery also has quite exquisite. Once the grape is oxidized, with respect to meeting attaint, metamorphism, want isolation air in carriage process so. After opening bottle with bishop like saving a principle, workers can fill nitrogen in container of past outfit grapy, it can air complete eduction container, rise to isolate effect.

   Oak bucket: Change every year

Had photograph of science and technology to aid, time is right the bishop of Australian area is affected on the west not quite, to promote mouthfeel, wine place of business is right of oak bucket use very exquisite. Mr Horgan says, they use the oak cask that France produces only, because it can let the mouthfeel of wine,become fruitier, goluptious. Although the price of every bucket is as high as about 7000 yuan of RMBs, but they still insist to change every year a batch of new buckets.
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