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Yantai bishop: The wine place of business that toast each other

There always are all sorts of celebrations in wine place of business, those who have violinist is low appeal to, also have calorie of rave that pulls OK. A manager tells me, it is here OK and quiet the place that go vacationing, there perhaps is a place now too lively.

In the evening, jun Ding toasts each other, in quiet corner, the chief engineer Shao Xuedong of wine place of business is described meticulously to me arrive from a grapevine whole process of a cup of vinous, each link is affecting this complete industry catenary the life …… of local but the job that this is him, the following day he should go to Yantai urban district attending international to taste wine competition on behalf of Chinese brew division, “ cannot be drunk tonight too much, want to hold the position tomorrow. ”

About savour

My assume sth as a matter of course the ground thinks, yantai bishop city should have a lot of people to drink wine, but the fact is contrary.

In a hotel of company of brew of proximate Zhang Yu, a bottle of Gan Gong was placed on a piece of table only, other either Yantai beer is Qingdao beer. A local says, “ last the unit entertains guests, those who drink is hundreds of a bottle solution 100 accept, everybody still drinks beer drink a way, one came down to spend thousands of …… nobody tells what custom culture, bishop also wants do in Rome as Rome does. ”

So the titter that booze behoove draws a businessman, but the key that business of very rare wine regards him as this production base sells area. “ Yantai has alcoholic drink, but our blemish depends on doing not have wine culture. ” Qiao Yujing says. He provided the number of a group of afford for thought: This year 1-5 month, countrywide bishop exports three million three hundred and fifty-one thousand one hundred litres, and the corresponding period imports eighty-four million eight hundred and eighty-five thousand five hundred litres, latter is 25 times former. The Boerduo of east of Yantai distance “ ” is very far still, need upgrades to advantage of brand yield a division from industrial dominant position.

Finally, I come to Yantai street of the busiest rising sun of business street —— . It is among ancient construction of a lot of building, infrequent vintner home, brew wine cellar ” besides “ beautiful very conspicuous. Host calls Sun Zhijun, senior bishop lover, master of a one bishop management buts in Yantai city. He founded Chinese bishop website, brewed wine cellar with beautiful of collaboration of a Taiwan businessman last year. I sell “ entrance wine only, because sell homebred bishop me,do not have an advantage. He often holds ” salon, “ has good wine to drink, the friend that has had can communicate, bishop is a kind of my lifestyle. ”

He perhaps gets on half of · Mei Er to have the same feeling willingly to elder those: The weather that “ drinks anisette to must have warmth, abundant sunshine and days standstill are psychedelic ” ; Won't agree to issue half however: “ is right for me, the place of only do sth for the occasion is Puluowangsi. ”
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