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Yantai bishop: The wine place of business that toast each other

“ its value is far more than bishop sells industry, the productivity of place of business of Jun Ding wine is 1000 tons, if it can be complete,implementation is produced can if, the profit that may exceed wine of wine place of business to bring far in the appreciation of other side. ” Chen Shousheng says. And the plan that carries Chen Yunchang of wine bank president on the head according to gentleman, he two sides of thing of lake of get through phoenix, “ after 5 years, arrive again you will be astonied when gentleman supports, not be now absolutely the place of business of Jun Ding wine that everybody sees, await you to may feel this is not to be in China in those days, however a where that somnambulate goes to Europe. ”

Should mention the other wine place of business of Yantai a fabled abode of immortals, gentleman carries king of vise general manager on the head to protect the court of a feudal ruler to say: “ those little wine place of businesses? Call wine the village with its, be built for as what say. ”

Manorial lawn supports to go up in gentleman, sitting the horticultural labour of have a rest. They say, there are more villagers in golf field doing horticultural work. I built autocycle to arrive knock Liu Ercun, an uncle that surnames Yao tells me, some of troops make up of the old and weak is originally in the village, the harvest of land is bad also, after Jun Ding came, everybody became grapery to cultivate door, labor strength is not great, it is the old person is managing more, professional guidance of Jun Ding is cultivated, receive continuously when autumn harvest, income is relatively steady.

I encounter king aunt to doing grape branch together with the old partner. She contracted 67 mus of grapery of Jun Ding. “ wants seasonable nob, cannot written guarantee too much grape, otherwise the grape contains sugar too little, the firm does not close. ” the thrill through on her face a farmer is honest but. Although the grape price of high standards is high, “ but look at unqualified grape occasionally or feel distressed, take make wine coming home with respect to oneself, the engineer has taught a bit, let old fogey be sealed with bottle rise ferment, oneself are drunk, pretty good also. ” allegedly, this kind is drunk to brew vinous to be absent oneself in local dorp a few. King aunt is married twice also planting to the daughter that fastens a village grape.

Arrive from field edge of a field brownstone, only the Yao of one pace, this is quite big contrast —— gentleman carried the in store in my mobile phone on the head a piece last year the photograph of subterranean wine cellar: The light is dim, the lamp small cup on wall twinkles like church stained glass, one word discharges tremendous oak wine bucket, disappear in the depth. Those are later in sea wind the …… of the orchestic balloon colored ribbon, march that is magnified by the horn and brave words, men and women that in square, grape trellis He Datang moves back and forth back and forth has a ceremony to feel more unlike this picture.
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