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Yantai bishop: The wine place of business that toast each other

September 2007, association of industry of Yantai city food establishs bishop branch, zhou Hongjiang of general manager of Zhang Yu group holds the position of chairman of the first to be appointed to an office. He is initiated, we should establish “ the integral consciousness of ’ of ‘ Yantai bishop, make full use of ’ of bishop city of · of ‘ international grape this piece of calling card, call noisy ‘ bishop, yantai builds ’ . ”

The interest relative in wine city

The wine industry modes of life and relation to their environment of Yantai has formed —— from cultivate, brew arrives industrial form a complete set (Zhang Yu makes bottle, Li Peng pack, cork of Zhi Li Hua) , examine detect etc. Chen Shousheng of deputy secretary-general of association of industry of Yantai city food says, “ is the concept that be in harmony takes these industrialization, contact farmer and market together cheek by jowl thereby, the standardization that realized wine industry on higher administrative levels and group change development. ”

Take in line of bitter fleabane of smoke of 206 nations line especially, 3 cereal ” already produced “ of valley of hill of Na Wangshan cereal, hunt king cereal, Qiu the flat effect of grape industry. Great Wall of the grain in having early or late, Philippine Kang Da, France is shown bright wait for enterprise of many 50 China and foreign countries to be in settle of a fabled abode of immortals, grape base amounts to many mus 80 thousand, bishop produces per year a quantity 80 thousand tons, take the throughout the country 1/5 strong.

Set out from the developing zone, through ” of a covered corridor or walk of a “ grape, arrived the place of business of Jun Ding wine of Na Wangshan cereal. A year ago, it levels the land in the grapery of all over the mountains and plains and rise, you can say it is marked, also can say it resembles a different number.

This so-called Asia's biggest bishop bank, first phase project invests 350 million yuan, cover an area of 13.7 square kilometer, 6000 mus of grapery. What the Jun Ding that stands in 5 stars class can watch scene stage go up, the scenery all stops eye ground all around: Fluctuant mountain range and open country are south, grapery is in the west, the eastern side is phoenix lake, northern part is golf field and racecourse. Those wine of “ and abroad the village is different, ” once went to Europe the Chen Shousheng that wine place of business inspects says, their fixed position produces “ namely wine of wine place of business, can see production brewing process, buy, but the proportion that travel shops is very small however, and what Jun Ding makes is false concept of bishop Zhuang Du. ”

Jun Ding with “ company cooperation the mode of farmer ” , 18 dorp such as Liu Ercun of knock of ” of annex of “ of with one action, let the villager take the ground to become a shareholder, ingoing new residential quarter, many 4000 farmer becomes company worker, old person of 60 years old of above realized social provide for the aged.
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