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Yantai bishop: The wine place of business that toast each other

It is at the door museum, I encounter a youth that comes from Guizhou. He just came from go by way of of Qingdao beer museum, that paragraph of colonial history lets Yu Huai of his be troubled, “ feels not quite bright. ” he shakes his head at the same time say at the same time. I do not know he arrives later of museum of culture of Zhang Yu wine experience, after all bishop is in China origin still belongs to exotic to be in after all bishop bound still open to question. More inopportune is, when I go, catching domestic wine line of business —— of the first case produces intellectual property in Zhang Yu and in the “ between 12 enterprises such as grain, dynasty, power dragon sees trade mark of 100 accept ” attributive controversy disturbance.

The following day, our edge coasting all the way before row, leave downtown 40 minutes car Cheng, arrive at the Zhang Yu that is located in a developing zone Custer wine place of business, add on the side the international bishop of new start business the window of the city, that is the other one aspect of the matter of the travel line that Yu Bo runs. The taxi driver is a Zhang Yu unexpectedly, he says to yearn for in those days Zhang Yu ten a bottle delicious think of …… to invite him to look around together when us, he refused however, it is too informal that undemonstrative disclose is gotten, pass in and out such place is improper.

Perhaps be in his eye, wine place of business resembles the be pregnant with in grapery of another world —— wearing the embryo of the high-end wine that controls crop strictly, the finished product that social status of the in store in wine cellar does not poor, there is bright and creditable business affairs personage in the hall. Actually, this those who cover an area of 2100 mus is manorial, preexistence is the country of decline nevertheless. In those days north also has fisherman, fruit grower at domestic village, the grape that becomes wine bank mostly nowadays is cultivated door. Nearby the Xiaolou of a few red very white walls, it is the new residence of the villager. The house price here has risen to every to make the same score rice 2978. The promotion of high-grade seaside residence sells one of sites: “ wine place of business is free hind garden. ”

Custer's wine cellar issues wine cellar to want than Zhang Yu ground costly much. You carry eye, the barrel that can see Yang Lan, Yan Weiwen is ordered holds liquor. When remembering coming for the first time, yang Lan of compere of opening ceremony of place of business of Jun Ding wine sits in front of me, she says with the Hu Yihu beside: The condition of “ Yantai a lot of, I come ten years ago here, do not have air conditioning by air, the fan that get fan. The plane that ” goes to Yantai a few days that was wrapped by fashionable media almost. The specially of place of business of a wine that fokelore is the same as a city is driven in before Jun Ding one late practice, and stronger was like the ground to invite more big wrist and reporter.
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