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Yantai bishop: The wine place of business that toast each other

So, bishop regards the “ ground mark of Yantai as ” , it is to stand tall and upright on body of local enterprise, farmer, be still wine only sweet the drink that flies person in the heart?

Bishop, yantai is built

“ goes museum of piece of abundant wine culture. What didn't ” taxi driver ask again, take me to big driveway of Zhi Fu area 56 directly.

Early morning, this builds the compound that in Zhang Yu style of structure of brewery former address, Chinese and Western blends, having stoppinging several travel bus. Although just opened a shop, but the announcer is very busy, passenger some is recommended via the tourist guide, somebody comes before Muming, regard here as what vinous finds the stay away from home of the root is important one station.

Yu Bo of curator of museum of culture of Zhang Yu wine tells me, the brigade ” of culture of wine of “ Zhang Yu basically is bibcock with museum, series connection is place of business of 4 old wine, grapery, modern ferment the center reachs production line to wait. Yu Bo is Yantai person, old Zhang Yu's person of 19 years, there is a telephone call on his desk, occasional is wanted on the telephone hit, somebody the general manager that to the thing —— of company of travel of his ask for instructions he still holds company of Zhang Yu travel part-time. Since museum is opened, he has battalion every year to control pressure, the person that comes round to look around fortunately in an endless stream, the income of museum was in last year 10 million yuan of above.

In historical hall, precious old photograph (the person that has hat of a piece of the face that take Qing Dynasty among them and the group photo that take the person of hat to raise tall foot glass) , the books written in ancient times of ” of old job of Yantai of a the inchoate brew setting that the old tool that make wine, clay figurine demonstrates, “ , , emersion Zhang Bi of patriotic overseas Chinese person establish (1892) the meandering course that expands business of brew of the first grape of Chinese, it is world of Chinese bishop trend's real testimony. Yes, I saw 1992 Zhang Yu the epigraph of leader of the country when hundred years celebration: Billow of “ dark blue is about to have poetic taste, brew ability fragrance ” .

In modern office, feeling type photoelectricity changed sand table to reveal a giant modern Zhang Yu; Throw a coin, need 12 seconds only, wine of spot of automatic brew opportunity makes a cup of balmy and full-bodied brandy.

Down wine sweet, pick up rank and below, it is the Zhang Yu of magical building —— that Ceng Hong changes the world subterranean big wine cellar. This is the Asia's oldest wine cellar, 1894 - all previous classics rebuilt 3 times 1905, cover an area of 2666 square metre, deep house underground 7 meters, all the year round constant temperature 12 ℃ - 14 ℃ . The presses down a house treasure here is collect carefully undoubtedly the old wine bucket of hundred years. The Zhang Yu party that sees according to accompanying me group the boy introduction of atelier, oak bucket shares 148 kinds of model, wine of every bucket lay aside 15000 liter. Hang on the bucket full the red rope of pray blessing, the tourist takes a picture here accept as a souvenir.
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