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Yantai bishop: The wine place of business that toast each other
Each person of place is whole-heartedly to produce beautiful wine this good cause and of existence.

Arrive from field edge of a field brownstone, only the Yao of one pace

The plane descends in north latitude 37 degrees, the east longitude 121 degrees.

On line of latitude of this one gold, gathered together division of brewing of numerous and top-ranking bishop. One direction on the west, but the valley of California accept handkerchief that abide goes to the Tuosikana of French Boerduo, Italy, United States, that is to immerse the countryside of the bishop in wine.

All the way eastwards, it is the birthplace of Chinese wine industry, the 7th big grape of “ world coastal ”—— Yantai. Here contribution whole nation is close 4 into bishop crop, zhang Yu, medium the company of 140 bishop measurement such as grain is chased group and house, 10 strong companies reside Chinese bishop thirdly. According to the idea of the person of this industry, the wave Er much ” that should be made become “ east here.

I still remember going to Yantai for the first time last year in September a fabled abode of immortals below administer, gentleman of the grain in attending carries the opening celebration of wine place of business on the head. On the way that gives the airport, the bus has opened the small store of field of grapery, golf, moorland, scaffold and fisherman. Sit the girl on the side of me is Yantai person, she complains say: “ how with respect to the noble? Don't 99 % still plant the common people here does the grape sell a grape? ”

This year in June, I go to Yantai the 2nd times, see a flock of entrepreneur enjoy bishop life over, by in Chen Yunchang of president of bank of wine of grain president Ning Gaoning, Jun Ding plays the host. Their wine reachs point of to one's heart's content, spilled the wine in the cup jokingly to that expensive Western-style clothes on body of —— of the other side to be destroyed of course.

This is I visit Yantai the 3rd times. Duration travel busy season, the assemble in Lai hill airport tourist. Walk out of the airport, the urban calling card that is Yantai of tremendous —— of Zhang Yu billboard head on is bishop, and what ” of “ wine city brews is wine not just, the group effect of grape and wine industry already magnified tertiary industy, wine culture sightseeing makes classical travel line. The sunshine that major tourist is Yantai, grit, marine and come, the sunshine that does not know here however (Sun) , grit (Sand) , marine (Sea) , with international bishop the “3S” natural rule of course of study just be identical.

In Yantai international can exhibit house square, I saw Suo Sigao lifts Buddhist nun of Di Ao of “ Bacchanal ” bishop of · of “ international grape city ” (of Asian only) the assorted sculpture of city badge. Everyday countless people pass the building of on this top quarter “OIV” , very few however somebody understands its implication, include be apart to be not worth 100 meters swimsuit stall boss.
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