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"Happy and manorial " lead " the night of farad benefit "
On September 6, chen Guixiang of chairman of Che Youhui of Fujian farad benefit reachs partial member, with " office building " the partial member of elite club, assemble in Xiamen to share farad benefit late banquet.

That evening, the “ happiness manorial ” in coast of gold of trade of nation of aigret river path meets 20 elite public figures, spent attribute farad benefit vehicle and farad profit only days of ” of vinous “ happiness.

Farad benefit ignites Italian amorous feelings

The setting sun falls on the west, aigret island dim light of night sinks gradually; Go up at the beginning of colorfully decorated lantern, “ happiness is manorial person of ” tweedle hold up. The instant, this is quiet by by prep as far as close car engine sound is broken one, the motorcade that comprises by farad benefit racing bike subsequently luxuriant come on stage. On invitation and the vehicle of benefit of Fujian ground farad that come advocate, go to “ happiness together the agreement of manorial ” , for the sake of tasting “ happiness the Italian bishop of manorial ” .

This one evening, manorial ” is “ happiness farad benefit vehicle advocate people special display —— of bishop of on two Italy with m of e of z of e of t of M o n name of o l Mr o names come from IL the bishop with manorial BORRO l of o of m of e of z of e of t of n of —— M o Mr o . The bishop with IL manorial BORRO differs to mixture wine makes the grape of breed and be become with 5 kinds, fruit is sweet, beautiful wine is sweet, sweet perfect blend, be Italian amorous feelings is perfect reflect, also be farad benefit temperament is additional kind of expression.

The gluttonous regale of happy ground

With traditional bishop the meeting that taste ancient bronze mirror differs, manorial ” is “ happiness the farad benefit vehicle of make public individual character advocate people the cooked food distributing alcoholic drink that made extraordinary. Western-style cooking and Chinese style eat material photograph tie, chinese style arrange and Italian bishop are tie-in, get very appropriate, make one numerous honored guest feel accident fully.

Creat Cai Zhen of manorial ” general manager says surprizing “ happiness: “ this is a kind of new trial, we match with Chinese style arrange Italian bishop, make everybody can understand its versatility more. The agential mark gentleman that ” comes from Shanghai is praising the good taste of dish, also borrow this to introduce a two vinous distinguishing feature to attendant honored guests.

With the white wine with feral tie-in yellow croaker, take its delicate mouthfeel will foiling the fleshy qualitative Qing Dynasty of fish is sweet; What make photograph of the flesh that fume hare build with leg of the sheep that bake, secret is claret, full-bodied, full-bodied, blossom the new experience of taste bud. The Italian bishop amorous feelings that in the “ in mark gentleman eye this is full of glamour 10 thousand kinds of ” .
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