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Place of business of wine of count of accept of a place of strategic importance:
Allegedly, in those days the A Lesi song that Cha Liman great emperor of France likes Bugende very much pauses (Aloxe—Corton) takes Xin Xiang slightly and the silky red wine like silk, every drink the beautiful wine here to make his interest abundant. Inopportune is him harbour is worn grow long beard, the ground avoids to let beard touch red wine be soiled hard when drinking every time. This makes empress exceedingly malcontent, total feeling has the impressive manner that breaks a monarch, give orders to grow white grape variety here then, drink white wine to discharge this kind of embarrassed situation. Cooperate of the ruler of heaven, did not think of here is planted snow when benefit the character after white grape is unsurpassed; Make the white wine that come out also a bit the good name of no less than red wine, let Cha Liman great emperor drink addiction. Very fast this white grapery is selected fancy name garden, got a song to check Limante suddenly from now on the good name of class grapery. Till today, a Le Sige pauses (Aloxe-Corton) is Bugende has claret exclusively already all the time fancy garden has white grapy again the village of fancy garden. His good name comes from superior quality, more come from Cha Liman great emperor dote on.  


A Le Sige pauses (the north that Aloxe—Corton) is located in treasure to visit an area, the history is very long, be in early BC 2 centuries, here begins to grow a grape, the earliest grapery calls Ke Di this (Curtis) , ability easy name pauses for the song later (Corton) . A Le Sige pauses (one Corton) covers an area of Aloxe 284 hectare, can saying is the village that treasure visits area area is the largest. The soil here is mixed by the marl that suits white grape breed to grow suit red grape to grow, take rufous chalkiness soil composition slightly. Among them, a Le Sige pauses (grapery of A1oxe—Corton) village class covers an area of 96 hectare; Garden of one grade name covers an area of 38 hectare, and produce the fancy garden of red white wine more achieve 101 hectare, it is the fancy grapery with the largest area of cloth root ground, its area is all Jin Qiu almost the half of fancy grapery. And this among them in order to cover an area of 49 hectare, produce the song of white wine checks Limante suddenly class garden is most famous.  

Count of accept of a place of strategic importance is A Le Sige village history is long and reputation is far a when sow dazzling bright phearl, brew is worn the A Lesi song that great emperor place dotes on Chaliman pauses (A1oxe—Corton) red wine and liquor. 1857, the great-grandfather Jules Senard that shows suzerain Philippe Senard was bought familial the central) that embraces C1os Des Meix(of some the first grapery to be located in Aloxe—Corton, only 2. 5 hectare. Up to now, there still are old enclosure, tower and vaulted wine cellar in garden. Be worth what carry is manorial wine cellar by Shengmagelite claustral is abbe in L 3 world (article origin: Wine of an ancient name for China signs up for network of news of trade of · China wine) discipline is built and become, save all the time up to now, time is ages ago, already became precious cultural relic, all these is revealing the long history of count of accept of a place of strategic importance.  
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