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Garden of Uruguay Irurtia wine
At the Irurtia wine garden that establishs by SirLorenzo at the beginning of this century, be located in CerroCarmelo mountain range, the vintage wine of here also infiltrates now Hong Kong market, people can have choice of beautiful wine of cheap of many kinds of price. Irur - Tia wine garden is earthy suit grow world-class grape very, can brew make vintage wine of top class highest grade, add climate admirable, cooperate masterly brew technology again, wine of success of this wine place of business made a wine of the first bottle of eat Spring 1913.

Irurtia wine garden enjoys gifted predominant favourable geographical position, the phosphor with rich move reachs the hold in store in soil character potassium, need not irrigate reach join any fertilizer, add advanced channel drainage system, offer the most excellent grape for DanteIrurtia food alcoholic drink. Alcoholic drink of all DanteIrurtia food is collected without oak bucket, it is alcoholic drink of a kind of completely natural food.

Area of Irurtia wine garden makes an appointment with 340 acre, it is the wine garden with the biggest Uruguay, cultivate have Chardonnay, Viognier, CabernetFranc, Cabernet - the grape such as Rztraminer of ǔ of Sauvignon, Gew, Malbec, Merlot, Moscatel, Pinot, Riesling, Syrah and Tannat.

Chardonnay: Alcoholic drink of as other as DanteIrurtia food is same, use come from France wine of high grade grape is made, wine taste is pure and fresh and refined, contain fragrant pear and malic faint scent, send out a honey aroma, $ of every price HK 78.

PosadadelVirreyViognier: Stock of Irurtia wine garden cultivates grapy of top class Viognier optimal climate, squashy grape is plucked meticulously by hand after, undertake fermenting again. Viognier liquor vinosity is refined and balmy, contain grumous peach fruit sweet, sending out inviting honey aroma, sweetgrass flavour is thick. $ of every price HK 90, it is Long He one belt has representative food alcoholic drink most.

PosadadelVirreyTannat: Deep ruby debauchery, vinosity is grumous, fruit spiciness gloomy, contain grumous strawberry aroma, elegant and have individual character extremely. PosadadelVirreyTannat red wine obtains special honour repeatedly, its the alcoholic drink of first international food that 1996 vintage wine held in Argentina in October at 98 years has a competition in brave seizes a gold prize, and PosadadelVirreyTannat1998 vintage wine more hold in south Africa at not long ago in trying bender internationally, carry off silver-colored award, $ of every price HK 90.

CabernetFranc: Use the grape wine that comes from France to make, ruby S debauchery, fragrance is full-bodied, have complex individual character. $ of every price HK 78.

CabernetSauvignon: With area of Medoc of high grade France classy grape wine is made, debauchery shows deep gem red, provide extremely aristocratic, vinosity is balanced, $ of every price HK 78.

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