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Armenia bishop produces area survey
Armenia republic belongs to landlocked nation, outside be located in Caucasian south. Area kilometer of twenty-nine thousand eight hundred square, population 350 beyond (1990) , 90% much area altitude of whole area 1000 meters of above. Turkey is received on the west, iranian have a common boundary is received south, north faces Gelujiya, azerbaijan is faced east. Climate of semi-tropical high mountain. Average in January air temperature - 12 ℃ of 2 ~ ; Average in July air temperature 26 ℃ of 24 ~ .

As it is said, after Noah is downhill, in Alalate the A of the foot of a hill pulls Ke Sihe Gu Li to settle. Later, noah is planted in the valley issued the first batch viny, gave beautiful wine with grape wine. From now on, armenia had his wine job. Nowadays, the “ A that Armenia produces straps ” card brandy is famed already domestic and international.

Historical data account, be close to the Black Sea in the The Neo-lithic Age before 10000 outside Caucasian area, namely present Annatuoliya (Aratolia)(is ancient say small inferior fine inferior) , Gelujiya and Armenia, discovered the many grape seed of stockpile, this explains the grape is used at edible not just at that time, mainer is to use the make wine that extract juice. According to speculation, be in early BC 7500, use at brewing to make breed of contemporary vinous grape had appeared in Caucasian area, namely today's Iran, Gelujiya, Armenia is taken. The history that because this can say Armenia,helps advance somebody's career to be produced with bishop is long.

Armenia accrete produced 3.6 million litres of wine 2007, exceed 1.4 million litres of brandy and 127 thousand litres of vodka. The bishop of 96% above exports Armenia abroad. The Noyac(Noah of Armenia is overcome) the brandy with manufacturing better quality.

Ni Yang of · A Luqiu points out Awage of chairman of alliance of Armenia wine line of business recently, armenia bishop character should hold lead position to still need time 11 years at least on world market. The grape variety that at present course of study uses Armenia wine is Armenia only 650 this locality are peculiar 10 in breed. Current, the main problem that Armenia makes wine line of business be faced with is raw material inadequacy.

At present Armenia bishop returns short of price to be in the high-grade wine of 15—100 euro kind quality, armenia still does not have production high-grade vinous grade and technology. He still says, armenia price is in the bishop of 2.5 euro is sale status is at present better, basically export abroad.

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