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The place of business of wine of Luz ó N of acute meaning enterprising
Mention Spain, go straight towards ox, bullfight and Fulamingge, bold and unconstrained, candid reach warm hospitality, can be the key word that causes people imagination. Little still of course not bishop, spain is the traditional wine country with European long history, it is world grape cultivates the bishop of old brand old world with the largest area to produce a country.

In a long time, spain ever baffled at output big and character is commonplace vinous in the past in impressional shadow. Some closer year come, produce area and wine Zhuang Zhong individually in Spain, emerge the innovatory wave that if the disposition of Spaish is general and enthusiastic,using. Changing dominant is the turn on the idea, produce the wine of high-end character namely. Accordingly, a batch burgeoning or it is revived bishop produces area and wine place of business to rise to surface gradually, reveal them to shine to common people beautiful colour.

Below the good friend's commendation, had Mu Xier (MURCIA) two DO in the province produce a division, reach Luzón and ROSARIO the brigade of the discovery of two wine place of business, experience that to wave a in billow needle new view.

A long time ago history the landforms of each different


Spanish the eastpart part, having endless Mediterranean coasting, mu Xier is saved is the sea in facing touchdown closely, be located in the area with a not large area of Spanish southeast ministry. Produce area likeness with bishop of other very much Europe, it is OK that Mu Xier area cultivates grape, wine to make vinous history times of restrospect to ancient Rome. Came 100000, the grape that what did not change is local generation acting inheritance is cultivated and brew is traditional; In change is the brew craft of ceaseless development and character, and wine make concept of outstanding and bottled vinous.

From inside be located in Spain the Madrid of confidential ground sets out, set out of direction of one direction southwest. See on the way piece or tender Huang Huobi's green cropland, a pocket village that having cathedral, windmill and red top house, and occasionally or lone tree or it is bush, fragmentary and optional ground scatters in big big yellow white, barren between the land that going out of cultivation. With the top of head that stretchs that hand the low, dignified, Yun Duo that presseds closely all round forms touchable together view is different, strong the scenery canvas of massiness.

Although, to admire from Madrid Xierhui crosses a few bishop to produce a division, but see grapery rarely all the way, let a person imagining the country with the biggest area of this wine garden, do those wine garden hide over? When entering Mu Xier area, landforms produced more apparent change. Intermittent mountain range begins to stand firm to go up in upland land. In the gully between hill, a when come out like knife cut piece on even land, it is the olive of big alternate with and fruiter. All sorts of fruits cultivated in the orchard: Apple, peach, plum, and grape, from cultivate means to be able to see, that is some of delicacy feed a grape. Listen to friend of wine place of business to tell later, here is Spain and Europe's main fruit production area. Also be to be in subsequently in visitting, discover those outstanding wine garden, one by one the hillside with the clime more appropriate condition that conceal singles out in people go up or group between hill.
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