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California is famous Domaine Alfred of garden of the black wine that compare Nuo

California is black Domaine Alfred of business of mainer than Nuo production already was bought by Crimson bishop group.
Alfred wine garden is located in in the United States graceful valley of coastal moxa heart (Edna Valley) . Buy a project to include droit of brewery, brand, goods in stock and 131 acre real estate (contain 81 acre grapery among them) . At present both sides has not disclosed specific trade amount.

Owner of Alfred wine garden is special li of · Si Beize (Terry Speizer) express, after selling Electec of company of Silicon Valley semiconductor 1994, establish this wine garden.

Disclose according to be familiar with the message personage of Alfred wine garden, si Beize invests 30 million dollar to build wine place of business at first. This brewery with black famedder than Nuo, its graceful valley of portion moxa heart is black 2004 ever was in than Nuo " bishop surveys the home " the magazine gains tall cent of 96 minutes, this also is medium the highest component that black Binuorong catchs the coast. Sea of the Xia Duoli of Alfred wine garden, song is graceful (Grenache) and banquet is pulled also obtain very good result.

Of Alfred wine garden viny 1972 grow, 1996 Sibeize replant new breed, include 38 acre black than Nuo, 25 acre Xia Duoli, 11 acre banquet is pulled, hai Na of 5 acre song and 2 acre ash compare Nuo. Produce per year a quantity in those days 24, 000 box, brew division Fin Du Fresne works in Alfred wine garden from 2006 up to now.

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