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Japan rolls out robot bartender to smile attractive service is quick

The time of the wine on him is far fast the time at propaganda to the enemy at the front line of your court clerk, he is in absolutely impossibly by the platoon the beautiful girl place behind you is attracted and abstracted, who is he? See the ” of gentleman of morning sun of robot bartender ——“ that sees us together.

Morning sun of manufacturer of beer of Japanese number one is in in putting bar and club on the ” of gentleman of morning sun of barkeeper robot “ like objective size, they can go up quickly wine, bottle, pour wine for the client.

The company shows, ” of gentleman of “ morning sun people have attractive smile not only in the service, and can save time for the client. If be the bar with a busy business, barkeeper robot can be a client to finish a service inside the time that does not arrive 2 minutes, save 13 minutes on average for every client.

” of gentleman of “ morning sun still undertakes length amounting to the “ troupe of two months in England at present.

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