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Cent school releases California university Davis new breed of stock of 5 grapes

Grape nursery stock reacts for what kill to grape sword wireworm (the leftest end is Gao Kang, the rightest end is tall feeling)

The experience research via 15 years time, by California university Davis is divided school is viticultural fasten professor, geneticist Dr. Dndrew Walker with bishop brew (next graphs) research group of the leader breeds new breed of stock of 5 grapes that combat insect eventually.

Davis divided California university recently positive result of this one scientific research was announced outside proofreading, will fight these 5 the grape nursery that grape stock new breed puts bug on to obtain card to manage has breed, sell the grapery of California and each district next.

Kesasi was gotten in the United States recently according to Professor Dndrew Walker the city discloses say, of these stock breed included America to plant grape (aboriginal grape) cross combination, they include Vitis Riparia, Vitis Rufotomentosa and a department of infrequent Vitis Champinii individual plant. Dndrew Walker still says, this capital majority that studies a project comes from California grape stock to study foundation, and got the support of course of study of California grape nursery.

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