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KWV of magnate of line of business of south Africa wine uses electronic label to
KWV of magnate of line of business of south Africa wine uses RFID to track store the cask of bishop or brandy. This system that provides by RFID Institute uses the electronic label of Alien Technology, the place that helps KWV track cask, use number and need order the time of new bucket.

Cask is the asset with very main manufacturing industry of wine line of business, every cask price is 1000 dollars about, and tracking cask is a big difficult problem all the time to KWV. The Paarl manufactory of KWV is differentiated many Xiaochu puts a division, deposit brandy and bishop respectively. Because cask can repeat,use, because this cask deposits a dot to be not secured, often change however. In Chen Hua process, appropriate cask is used to be able to affect the quality of alcohol in appropriate time, however, oak bucket is being tracked in mature process and distillation process is a catastrophe problem.

Cask is the asset with very main manufacturing industry of wine line of business

When new cask carry arrives when the manufactory, KWV uses paper to record a system to allocate batch number, track in group to cask. A batch of new cask are divided into a few groups, however, KWV identifies them very hard however. This is a big question, because the producing area of every cask is mixed,the history is mixed to brandy vinous manufacturing industry Wu is crucial.

The silvan source ground of cask, Mu Wen and age, past lades the taste that bishop and the category of brandy and time can affect the wine inside its bucket and quality. In 20-30 year the cask inside operating period can be repeated to be used for many times, but the use number that bishop manufacturer must track them, time and be stored every time the breed of wine, such ability understanding cask are stored the next time to the influence the influence of wine.

Enter bishop fill cask, catch Chen Hua of a few years, KWV decides which approve bishop to become distillation brandy. The autumn with brandy longer requirement - 10 years or 20 years, a pail of brandy of 20 years is in bottled before must pass 8-10 second the taste that changes a bucket to promote it.

Through test of a year and installation, KWV begins to enable RFID system formally to track cask this month. The new bucket that KWV comes to to sending first sticks electronic label, kevin O'Neill of engineer of RFID Institute advanced application says, KWV is at present right its south Africa a few manufactories, about 70000 many cask stick label.

When approving cask newly to reach KWV Paarl plant, by the cask of plastic package with a piece of detailed list, list this approves the information of cask in detail above, be like Mu Wen and batch identification code.

When tearing open outfit cask, KMV employee sticks label of an Alien UHF EPC Gen 2 Squiggle on every cask face, the director Stephen Crocker of Alien Europe, middle east and African area says. Employee uses to hold reader then (deserve to have the PDA that is based on Windows SE) will read the ID order that takes every label. The employee tagging according to PDA origin of business of the batch date of cask, coopery, lumber and Mu Wen.
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