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Label of EProvenance application RFID tracks bottled red wine
Current, in the whole course that the EProvenance company that establishs by Eric Vogt produces this one technology application to red wine. For this, EProvenance uses half active and passive RFID label and special knowledge, dog, differentiate and superintend bottled claret.

Country of origin can explain red wine arrives from bottle commonly in consuming whole process custodial, protect reach environmental situation really. The red wine value that Vogt says to mark has country of origin can increase 15% , meet sometimes more. Nevertheless, majority does not have record of country of origin on red wine bottle.

Consignor can be commonly in red wine case find a place for temperature tracker, change in order to monitor the temperature in boat movement process. This raised cost, nevertheless very won't much, vogt says: “ boat carries means takes whole route only 1/3 or half. ” does not pass, he says: If “ packs box to fell down to be bothered from the boat. Because ” carries temperature change just dogs when means in the boat only, so red wine supplies the participator —— in catenary to carry to the boat from red wine manufacturer machine, mix to agency again consumer, get impossibly complete or exact producing area record.

Vogt group sticks the 13.56MHz passive label of compositive temperature inductor inside wooden case of 1200 red wine

The advancement of Vogt and group in 6 months went pilot, the data effectively that collects proved afore-mentioned viewpoint. EProvenance headquarters is in the United States Bostonian, agency is set in French Paris and Boerduo. Be in pilot in, vogt group sticks the 13.56MHz passive label of compositive temperature inductor inside wooden case of 1200 red wine. This batch of wine are produced formerly from France Boerduo, carry goes to England, United States and Japan. A batch of wine that can take carry to go to Tokyo make case, the inside have a change of luck that goes to a few weeks again to boat movement from red wine bottle, temperature is all the time inside insurance limits. The temperature after arriving at Tokyo nevertheless becomes a bit tall, the temperature data that businessman of as a result must get on according to label (wall bulletin of RFID radio frequency notes: Record 3 times everyday) reconsider how saving this to approve wine.

This one temperature dogs label size is like credit card, offer by KSW Microtec. Say according to Liz Churchill of undersecretary of EProvenance plan ministry, this label is embedded the memory of 8 1000 bit, can store 720 reading. Calculate 3 times by a day of record, the batteries inside can use a year.

Vogt says, at present the purpose of pilot job is: Let each unit that receives red wine take the label on case, remand next EProvenance. Then, EProvenance downloads temperature to record and input data producing area database. The passive label that the ID date on label is met and sticks on every bottle inside box (offer by EmbedTech Industries and KSW Microtec) ID date is corresponding.
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