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The United States invents permeability helix cap
The cap of permeability bishop helix that by American California university Davis divides a few students of school to invent, have the permeability of natural cork already, return the TCA pollution that can avoid to be caused because of cork. Not long ago, the first prize of contest of year business layout that this invention won this officer, acquire stake of 15 thousand dollar.

Regard the · carrying Mu of research group controller as Keller (Tim Keller) , division of a brew ever was before this, read now at the business school, he expresses: Our invention will end “ the industry controversy about helix cap. ”

Natural cork causes TCA pollution easily, the bishop that is polluted has typical mildew flavour, stopper flavour to wait normally. Inside global limits, the TCA that causes every year because of natural cork pollutes the loss that causes billions of dollar. Although the use that synthesizes bottle stopper solved the contaminative problem that poses by cork, but those who synthesize a place of strategic importance breathe freely rate often also can give bottled wine to bring a few issues. The helix cap that uses generally now although sealing is good, but the bishop of old wine in also can giving bottle brings bad taste.

The package of interior of permeability screw cap that Keller's group designs contains many layer, include polyethylene layer and the aluminium that have small opening to make among them, stannum makes layer, these layer can need according to different vinous, of adjusting control oxygen enter an amount, control rate of maturity of the vinous in bottle. This one invention makes bottled bishop obtains right amount oxygen, avoid at the same time pollute at cork.

This invention had caused “ to pay close attention to with all possible means. Keller expresses ” . Current, this invention is filing national patent.

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