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Israel will use new method wine to make health care white wine
Israel scientist development goes method of brew of a kind of new-style white wine, can make white wine and claret euqally healthful.

Researcher of college of Israel Technion science and technology discovers, can carry artificial kind, the content of much more phenolic compound in improving white wine, achieve sanitarian effect thereby.

Technion scientist discovers, before white grape flay, put the grape of crunch into alcohol to immerse 18 hours, can raise the much phenol in white wine 6 times.

Use this kind of technology to brew the white wine mouthfeel that go out, exterior and as good as of common white wine, and its fight oxidation function and claret identical.

Israel bishop produces business Binyamina to already began to use afore-mentioned technologies to produce white wine of new-style health care, hopeful of the end of the year is rolled out to American market this year.

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