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Eat red meat to drink red wine to be able to reduce harmful material generation
People often says, liquor distributes plain boiled pork, red wine distributes red meat, but therein cause is little-known however. England " daily Post " reported on July 1, newest research makes clear Israel scientist, claret and red meat are gold partner, the harmful material that because claret is OK,red meat of “ quits ” produces in the stomach. Researcher discovery, adipose a few chemistry that arise in digestive process are material and cancer, arteriosclerosis, diabetic have very big associated sex with Pajinsen disease. The stomach is considered as ” of reactor of biology of a “ , the sanitarian effect of red wine can counteract the certain danger of red meat.

Researcher is in " agriculture and food chemistry journal " on point out, animal experiment discovers, red bender increases to be reduced greatly when eating red meat adipose the level of two kinds of when in decomposing a process, release poisonous and chemical material. Researcher proposal, below the condition that allows in body condition, bit of red wine had better be drunk when eating red meat.

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