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Grapy nutrition and officinal value
Acid of clear Xu grape is sweet dainty, washy, nutrition is rich, what contain relatively in polysaccharide cent, it is easy for the most part the dextrose that is absorbed directly by human body, it is digestible energy force relatively the ideal fruit of the weak.
Bacca of clear Xu grape contains ~ of about 15 % 25 % saccharide, all sorts of organic acid and mineral, and element of amine of all sorts of vitamins, amino acid, protein, carbohydrate, crude fibre, calcic, phosphor, iron, carotene, sulfur, riboflavin, Nick acerbity, ascorbic acid, lecithin. Especially modern medicine discovery, clear Xu grapy contains a kind to fight alcohol of oxidation material white black false bellebore in skin and seed, hemal to heart head disease has active precaution and remedial effect, eat a grape more, drink grape juice and right amount and drinkable bishop to have profit very much to human body health. Medicine of Chinese ancient time is officinal to the grape also have account. Pleasant of grape sex flavour, acerbity, smooth, enter lung, lienal, kidney classics, can benefit sth resembling a net of gas blood strong bones and muscles, stimulate the menstrual flow, drench liver of beneficial of kidney of pee of subsidence of a swelling, benefit, grow. Grape root, Xie Ye is Chinese traditional medicine material, can rise to fill on medical treatment kidney, strong blood of beneficial of god of waist, grow, step-down, appetizing action, especially in precaution and cure the respect such as disease of abdominal distension, heart and vessels has neurasthenic, gastralgia more distinct curative effect.

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