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Make a mood chocolate of optimal state beautiful wine is perfect and tie-in
taste the bishop with Gan Chun's chocolate and appropriate mouthfeel matchs, can obtain rich taste to enjoy not only, more those who make moving heart is “ beautiful wine chocolate ” place builds the mood that come out to the most enjoyable or pleasant stage, the happy ” that “ Luo Mandi overcomes condenses in air, saturation melts between words, the sort of pleasure exceeds common!
The bishop with powerful flavour of VS of Hei Qiaoke force

The cocoa content in black chocolate is very high, because this mouthfeel slants,suffer from. Black chocolate is on flavor and mouthfeel, often have richer arrangement, aftertaste is profound. For black chocolate the choice distributes alcoholic drink, ask this kind of wine can help black chocolate release the bake aroma of itself and the taste that take bitter to taste slightly. Black chocolate can match red wine, OK also and tie-in liquor. The taste that wants wine only is enough and strong, and aftertaste is broad.

Recommend winelist:

1, much red wine of Er of wave of grade of actor of Jin Balun ancient fort (Chateau De Parenchère) has powerful sweet smell, have complex fruit sweet smell, the harmonious sex of mouthfeel is good, the endurance of aftertaste is very good.

2, edition of · collect carefully pulls Jiekasi on the west (Jacob’s Creek–Reserve Shiraz) contains the scent of intense black peppery, mature plum and cocoa fruit, mouthfeel is fully loaded with full-bodied black chocolate flavour, and complementary with deal and sweetgrass oak gust.

Taste of VS of Bai Qiaoke force the pure and fresh, wine that contains beautiful fruit aroma

What white chocolate contains composition and milk chocolate basic and identical, but do not contain cocoa, present white so, this kind of chocolate is only the fragrance of cocoa, mouthfeel and general chocolate are different, and the content of dairy produce and candy pink is opposite bigger, sweet degree taller. The mouthfeel of white chocolate is silky, suit collocation a few mouthfeel delicate, read smoothly and the wine that contains Hua Guoxiang to enrage.

Recommend winelist:

1, A Sidi bubbly wine (GANCIA ASTI) aroma is full-bodied, warm, sending out the pure and fresh flavor with muskiness peculiar grape. Still have a rose,

The aroma of honey, banana, apple, and the aroma of herb, taste Qing Dynasty is sweet, the entrance is downy, very relaxed, the aftertaste is clean and clear. But with any mediated the Bai Qiaoke force of fruit aroma matchs.

2, Jiekasizhen hides edition Sha when Ni (Jacob’s Creek–Aroma of the orange with full-bodied Reserve Chardonnay) , muskmelon, appropriate ground adds flavor of a few yeast as perfect as sweetgrass oak flavour union, wine body is plump, balmy and abiding contain fresh and inviting fruit tart flavor.

Milk chocolate VS the bishop with delicate, downy mouthfeel

The dairy produce in milk chocolate and candy cent content are higher, cocoa butter content is less, mouthfeel is lubricant, accordingly sweet. Tie-in milk chocolate needs system of a few wine lighter, fragrance of tenderness of delicate, mouthfeel
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