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6 powerful bishop first selection of Qiu Rinuan stomach
Autumn wind rises, weather is cool, powerful red wine can bring a person warm sense not only, intense aroma and mouthfeel more enthusiastic like lover of a Latin bold and unrestrained. Fall, accompanying aroma of fund of depressed and scarlet, fund, have the time that dance gets drunk momently in every. Strong feeling bishop, let you love to be in deep autumn.

The definition is powerful 

Powerful red wine, powerful and main point to aroma and mouthfeel.   

In receiving nose visit the cup, can experience the fragrance that comes to blow on the face immediately, that aroma is bold and unrestrained, and be conceal none, in the bosom that develops you with respect to enthusiastic like lover, bumping you strongly all sensory.   

Because powerful claret comes from more mature grape normally, accordingly more of aroma of its place agglomerate resembles is black fruity powerful fruit is sweet, and the aroma with a few full-bodied flavor, it is the fragrance of oak even, some still can appear those who be like coffee, chocolate is distinctive sweet atmosphere.

   Strong feeling bishop

Mouthfeel is powerful those who point to is taller wine precision, wine precision is spent in 13-16 is commonner. Normally Chan Ning weighs this kind of powerful red wine quite, mouthfeel is fuller, light sip one buccal hind, the fruit fragrance of plentiful stayed in oral cavity, but at the same time it comparatives again evenly. More important is, a cup of good powerful red wine should have longer aftertaste, is not to say to begin very heavy, after ground of “ bang ” bumped into you, disappear immediately into thin air.   

In addition, color is deep do not represent mouthfeel particularly powerful, but most really and powerful claret color will be a few deeper, opaque, meet some even nigrescent, if use banquet to pull the bishop of brew, color is nigrescent, also red of a few bishop is behaved very weakly, but his mouthfeel and aroma are very powerful however.

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It is the wine of grape brew likewise, why can show like the dream a little same enthusiasm, bold and unrestrained, and are some like hertz kind of elegant, Qing Chun?   

Above all, it is climate. Warm place, grapy maturity is better, gust material is accumulated more, appear rarely like French north powerful bishop, and the south is different, climate causes this. Because north is cooler, and grand river area of the south is antipodal, very hot. In addition, more powerful bishop produce in new world, wait like Chile, United States, Australia, this also compares heat to have very big concern with their climate.   
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