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Eat natural food to take healthy route

Mentation is bad, then you bilk took exercise in vain. Lifetime gas blood stream is gotten long slow, life gets tumor easily. Stanford university did a well known test, the canal that take bazoo is put aside you let pant on nose, take nose canal to be put in snow ground ten minutes again next. If ice and snow does not change color, explain you are calm; If ice and snow bleached, explain you are very compunctious; If ice and snow becomes violet, explain you are very angry. The ice and snow that purple takes out 1 ~ 2 milliliter are hit to mice, 1 ~ the mice after 2 minutes is dead. Do not get angry. If hold back does not live, do not exceed 5 minutes, more than 5 minutes want bad thing, blood becomes violet. Had this experiment gotten Nobel? .
Psychological meeting offerred 5 meanses that avoid life is to avoid; 2 it is move, the family scolds you, did not hear; 3 it is to release, look for an intimate to talk, release, put aside what want go to the bad in the heart; 4 it is sublimate, it is the someone says you more, you work well more; 5 it is control, this is a the mainest method, it is how you scold me to not be afraid of.
Not be a purpose restrainedly, it is politic. There is a newest view on international, all animals do not have laugh function, only the mankind has this function. But the mankind still does not use it well. Archaic josh laughs, 10 junior. Not be to point to the age, it is to point to state of mind. Laugh at a mouth to often leave, health often is in.
Laugh make a lot of disease are not gotten. The first do not get splitting headache, the 2nd backache after be not being gotten, because of small loop is exuberant when laughing. General rule indolence, be illogical painful. And sexual function is not abate, reproductive function is not abate. It is particularly good to respiratory tract, enteron to often laugh. Laugh 3 times everyday, abdomen murmurs 3 times, disadvantageous secret, do not get cancer of gastric bowel path. Laugh at ability to exercise intestines and stomach only. Laugh at stimulative hypophysis, produce the embryo inside the head, it is natural anaesthetic. If you got arthritis to fasten anxious, strong joint laughs, a little while with respect to indolence.
The tear of normal person is salty, the tear of diabetic person is sweet, sad tear is bitter, have inside? , hormonal. Long not “ plays ” to come out to be able to get tumor, cancer.
Had put forward to warn to us on international conference, drink green tea, eat soya bean, had slept to become aware, often move, chang Huan laughs, the attention balances food, have oxygen campaign.

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