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Eat natural food to take healthy route

I am summed up again, radiation is very big to our influence, but a few methods can prevent the first drink green tea, the 2nd eat green vegetables, turnip, the 3rd eat helix alga, the 4th eat alga answer health. Alga answer health best. Be no good really eat green vegetables turnip.
Must not put electric equipment inside the bedroom. Especially microwave oven is the biggest to our harm, it 7 have radiation to us inside rice. And all sorts of electric equipment are not leaving at the same time. Have TV again, have freezer again, have microwave oven again, you make food by, got cancer very treat unjustly. Motion having oxygen has very the experience of the principle, must not take exercise in the morning. Suggest everybody takes exercise towards evening.
Meal hind moves 45 minutes again. And it is OK that the motion of old people takes a walk, 20 minutes. Want to reduce weight need not this method, anteprandial half hours eat 2 to arrive to a hour 4 helix alga, next appetite dropped, and nutrition is short of.
The 2nd it is the time that gets up in the morning, set on international at 6 o'clock. The regulation on international of time opening a window came at 9 o'clock at 11 o'clock, came at 2 o'clock afternoon at 4 o'clock. Because air was polluted to sink after 9 o'clock, pollutant decreased, without countercurrent phenomenon. Rise in the morning window, do not pant greatly over, run in your lung because of material of carcinogen, countercurrent, get lung cancer easily.
Came at 6 o'clock in the morning 9 o'clock is when it is the most dangerous to cause cancer. Body of keep early hours is good, cannot treat as the same. Skinful carbon dioxide was sucked in the home in your night, the toxin in respiratory tract has 100 a variety of, run in grove again, in the woods in the morning is carbon dioxide completely. Take exercise in the morning, fundamental blood pressure is high, fundamental temperature is high, adrenalin is 4 times taller than the dusk, the person that has heart disease gives an issue very easily. Must come out to the sun in the woods, sunlight produces oxygen with ability of the reaction since chlorophyll.
Carbon dioxide is completely in the woods when, easy and toxic, get cancer easily. Say “ does not have the sun not to exercise ” in the classics inside Huang Di. I suggest everybody summer sleeps early rise early, do not go out to take exercise in the morning in the winter, and instead takes exercise in the evening. The person of 70 years old of above, rise slowly, move first move arm use a leg, massage massage heart again, sit 9 minutes to rise again. A such doing not have that get heart disease.
If the head is done not have a day night,had slept should siesta. Siesta time is hour of lunch second half, and had better sleep a hour, those who sleep is too long do not have advantage to the body. Do not build large quilt. The view arrived at 10 o'clock 10:30 sleep, because of what decide on international conference, it is the most scientific that one hour goes to half hours to enter deep Morpheus, this arrived at 12 o'clock namely at 3 o'clock, these 3 hours are final, whats do not work. These 3 hours are deep Morpheus. A hot bath is washed before sleeping, water is warm 40 ~ 50 degrees, this meeting makes Morpheus qualitative tall.
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