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Eat natural food to take healthy route

In “ dish ” the 2nd those who carry is pumpkin. It stimulates vitamin cell, generation insulin. The person that often has pumpkin so is not gotten diabetic. Should carry in “ dish ” still have balsam pear. Although it is sufferred from, but secrete insulin substance, the person that often has balsam pear also is not gotten diabetic. Tomato, it is tomato. Be in the United States, almost every family is planted tomato, have a tomato, the purpose is not to get cancer. Eat tomato not to get cancer, do you know? Do not get uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, cystic cancer, prostate cancer. Tomato does not have casually, someone says, , wash wash be eaten raw. Return somebody section puts white sugar, drink bit of beer again. If be so those who eat, I tell you, bilked! Do not fight cancer. There is a thing to call a tomato element inside tomato, it and protein union are in, there is cellulose package all round, come out very hard. Must add so lukewarm, add lukewarm just come out to certain level. I tell everybody, tomato scrambles egg the costliest. Still have tomato boiling water, or tomato egg soup also is good. Eat tomato raw not to fight cancer, ask everybody to notice.
Still have garlic. Garlic is the king that fights cancer. It is so must cut it into first piece, a chip is put in air 15 minutes, it produces garlic element later with aerobic union. Garlic itself does not fight cancer, garlic element just fights cancer, and it is the king that fights cancer. If do not press my method, that is to bilk. Garlic has flavour to need not be afraid of, eat bit of hawkthorn, chew bit of pignut, eat bit of good tea to do not have flavour again.
The person with stiff blood calls Gao Ning the constitution. The person of Gao Ning constitution adds Gao Ning food, the person that the cardiac muscle when spending the New Year so straightens dead is particularly much, the age is not restricted. Some doctors tell you to eat aspirin to be able to make blood not ropy, do not get cardiac muscle to straighten dead. But consequence is to eat haemorrhage of aspirin eye ground. Europe does not eat aspirin to eat black agaric.
Black agaric has two effect, among them one is to make blood not ropy. The action of black agaric is discovery of American heart specialist, did he get Nobel? . What kind of person is Gao Ning constitution? The answer is short, thick, fat person, especially the female brethren of the turn of life. And the person of blood type AB is easier tall cruor is stiff. Still have a neck shorter easier tall cruor is stiff.
If give you to eat pignut, must not eat, want to eat really, pared the skin eat. Earthnut skin nonnutritively, it can treat blood to coagulate only piece, raise plaque, hemostatic use.
Reagan's president once by bullet wound, still got malignant tumor, he is so big age, living still now, just got senile domentia disease. It is pollen very big effect had on his body. Wu Zetian, kind happiness mother of an emperor also eats pollen. Pollen is floral spermatozoon, its be pregnant with is worn life, nutrition is the richest, best thing is in the plant. Everybody does not buy pollen on the street, the pollen that sells on the street has incrustation, did not break a wall. Broken wall should have high-tech processing. The 2nd, pollen is feral, pollute easily, want to disinfect. The 3rd, it is protein, must desensitization. Pollen must have manage of good of these 3 ability, disinfection, desensitization. Pollen is used the badliest in Japan, no matter the person of discipline of much good year uses its hairdressing. French model does not have one person need not it. Document account, pollen cure rate 97% . If use pollen to treat bad, medicine also is not solved, final kidney function fails, hematuria, next kidney tumour. Should be treated earlier so and do not want when kidney function fails. Still have bowel of a stomach the path is disorder, female brethren is much, chronic constipation. A lot of people eat cathartic and get rectum cancer, colonic cancer very easily. Pollen has a name to call bowel path police, after eating pollen, the police can maintain alvine path order. The 3rd it is strong and handsome, keep type of build or figure. Of 4 legs be inferior to having two legs, and have two legs be inferior to having many leg. This concept is in Europe different, if you attend a party, want to notice, if have beef, have pork again, should eat pork. The problem of beef is too much, the first have mad ox disease, the 2nd have foot-and-mouth disease, the 3rd have bad cholesterol. If pork has hotpot again, eat hotpot; Hotpot has chicken again, eat chicken; Chicken has a fish, have a fish; The fish has shrimp, that has shrimp. The animal jumps over small albumen to had been jumped over. The egg white that flea says on international conference is best. Flea does not see it so small, it can jump 1 meter many tall.
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